GreenCell Mobility, an electric mobility solutions provider, deployed 150 intra-city electric buses in Ayodhya for the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony. The fleet facilitated transportation for an estimated 2 million devotees during the significant period surrounding the ceremony.

Staqu Technologies: AI-Integrated Surveillance

Staqu Technologies enhanced security services in Ayodhya using AI-integrated surveillance through their JARVIS platform. The software, applied to existing CCTVs, utilized audio and video analytics, including facial recognition and number plate recognition, to monitor and ensure safety during the event.

Data Xgen Technologies: Dedicated Email Service

Data Xgen Technologies launched a free email service, jaishriram.bharat, dedicated to celebrating the consecration of Lord Ram. The service, initially launched in Hindi, allows users to download the DataMail mobile app and access it on any device through mobile email applications and the web.

CHUK: Compostable Tableware

Ayodhya utilized compostable tableware for the ceremony, provided by Pakka Limited’s brand CHUK. The Ram Temple Trust partnered with Pakka Limited to offer up to 10 lakh pieces of compostable tableware manufactured from locally sourced sugarcane waste. 24-Hour Live Ram Katha Event, a spiritual platform, collaborated with Sadhna TV for a 24-hour Live Ram Katha event from January 14 to 31. Additionally, users could participate in the 17-day Akhand Ram Katha, streaming live on the platform, offering virtual puja remedies to devotees worldwide.

Conclusion: Tech-Infused Contributions

Indian startups played a vital role in adding technological enhancements to the cultural and spiritual fervor of the Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha ceremony. From electric buses facilitating transportation to AI-integrated surveillance for enhanced security and dedicated email services, these contributions reflect the seamless integration of technology with cultural events.

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