Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage, is set to enter the Indian market, marking a strategic move to meet the country’s growing demand for risk consulting and management services. This expansion is subject to regulatory approval and aligns with Lockton’s commitment to fostering economic growth and creating opportunities in the local community.

Leadership Announcement

Sandeep Dadia has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer, India, and will be a crucial member of the Lockton Asia leadership team. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Dadia brings a wealth of expertise, having successfully led startups and held leadership positions in prominent firms, including Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Limited (ABIBL).

Lockton’s Global Presence

Lockton, with over 135 offices worldwide, is recognized for its status as the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage. The strategic entry into India reflects Lockton’s dedication to establishing a robust network in the region and addressing the evolving needs of clients.

Warren Merritt’s Perspective

Warren Merritt, Asia CEO, expressed excitement about Sandeep Dadia leading Lockton’s operations in India. He emphasized that this strategic move presents an opportunity for Lockton to strengthen its presence in the region and make a substantial investment in India, contributing to economic growth.

Focus Areas for Growth

Sandeep Dadia will play a pivotal role in driving Lockton’s growth in India. His focus includes building a comprehensive risk solutions strategy for clients, attracting top talent, and establishing Lockton as a strategic partner committed to enhancing clients’ success.

Dadia’s Vision for Lockton in India

Sandeep Dadia expressed his enthusiasm about leading Lockton’s vision in India, meeting the rising demand for risk consulting and management services. With Lockton’s backing, he aims to position the company as a strategic partner, ensuring that their risk management solutions significantly contribute to clients’ success.


Lockton’s entry into the Indian market signifies a major milestone for the global insurance brokerage giant. With a seasoned leader like Sandeep Dadia at the helm, Lockton aims to navigate the Indian landscape, offering innovative risk management solutions and establishing a strong foothold in the country’s dynamic insurance sector.

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