Paytm’s recent decision to exit the employee benefits space has sent ripples through the industry, creating a potential gold rush for its competitors. This move presents a golden opportunity for established players like Pluxee and Zaggle to expand their market share and attract new corporate clients.

Paytm’s Exit: A Boon for Competitors

Paytm’s departure stems from the company facing regulatory scrutiny related to its licenses to operate certain financial services. This has caused large corporations to become wary of relying on them for meal benefits, seeking alternative options to ensure tax compliance. This cautious approach by businesses has opened doors for Paytm’s competitors to step in and fill the void.

Zaggle Seizes the Opportunity

Zaggle, a prominent player in the employee benefits space, has already capitalized on this situation by onboarding new corporate clients like Wipro, Quess Corp, and Axis Bank. This demonstrates the growing demand for reliable and compliant employee benefit solutions, and Zaggle is actively positioning itself to meet this need.

Pluxee Enters the Fray

Pluxee, the employee benefit arm of Sodexo, is another major player seeking to leverage Paytm’s exit. With its established presence in the market and expertise in employee benefits management, Pluxee is well-equipped to attract new clients seeking a secure and compliant solution.

A Lucrative Market with Tight Margins

The employee benefits market in India is estimated to be around Rs 1 lakh crore, highlighting its significant size and potential. However, it’s crucial to note that this market also comes with thin margins for companies operating within it. This necessitates a focus on efficient operations, scalability, and building strong relationships with corporate clients to ensure long-term profitability.

The Road Ahead: Innovation and Compliance Key to Success

As the dust settles from Paytm’s exit, the employee benefits market is poised for a period of increased competition. Businesses seeking to thrive in this space will need to prioritize innovation and ensure strict compliance with regulations. Offering a diverse range of benefits, seamless user experiences, and robust security features will be essential for attracting and retaining corporate clients.


Paytm’s exit from the employee benefits market presents a unique opportunity for established players and new entrants alike. However, navigating this competitive landscape requires a focus on innovation, compliance, and building strong client relationships. The coming months will be crucial in determining which companies emerge as the frontrunners in this rapidly evolving market.

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