Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal addresses the backlash surrounding the launch of the ‘Pure Veg Fleet,’ emphasizing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

Defending the Decision

Goyal defends the launch, citing instances where food spills and smells from non-vegetarian orders seep into vegetarian orders, necessitating the need for separate fleets.

Ensuring Dietary Preference

The ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ strictly serves customers with a vegetarian dietary preference, without discriminating based on the driver’s dietary choices.

Zomato’s move to separate fleets sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some users criticizing the decision while others supported it.

CEO’s Assurance

Goyal assures that Zomato is open to rolling back the initiative if significant negative social repercussions arise, demonstrating the company’s responsiveness to customer feedback.

Details of the Launch

Zomato announces the launch of the ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ to cater to customers with a 100% vegetarian dietary preference, addressing the diverse needs of its user base.

Response to Controversy

Following the controversy, Goyal reaffirms Zomato’s commitment to customer satisfaction and social responsibility, promising to address concerns raised by users.

Potential Rollback

The CEO’s statement reflects the company’s willingness to prioritize customer feedback and adapt its strategies accordingly, highlighting Zomato’s customer-centric approach. The divisive nature of the controversy underscores the importance of engaging with customers and addressing their concerns in a transparent manner.

Zomato’s response to the ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ launch controversy reflects its commitment to customer satisfaction and social responsibility, while also highlighting the challenges of catering to diverse dietary preferences in a sensitive manner.

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