US President Joe Biden’s Message

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden congratulated Narendra Modi on his election win. Biden’s government underlined the need of sustaining its collaboration with India to boost wealth and innovation, confront the climate problem, and preserve a free and open Indo-Pacific. Biden, who is currently in France, contacted Modi directly to congratulate him.

“Congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the National Democratic Alliance for their win, as well as the almost 650 million voters who participated in this historic election. “The friendship between our countries is only growing as we unlock a shared future of limitless potential,” Biden said on social media later.

High-Level Acknowledgments and Future Prospects

Biden’s remark on X (previously Twitter) was quickly followed by similar congratulations comments from other top members of his government, including Secretary of State Tony Blinken. Biden emphasized the increasing friendship between the two countries and the shared future they are working toward.

In response, Prime Minister Modi expressed his pleasure at getting the call from his “friend.” He appreciated Biden’s kind words of congratulations and recognized the importance of Indian democracy. Modi stated that the India-US Comprehensive world collaboration is poised to achieve many new milestones in the coming years, emphasizing that their collaboration will continue to be a force for world good.

US Government’s Official Statements

Secretary of State Tony Blinken echoed Biden’s sentiments, stating, “The US looks forward to advancing our partnership with the Indian government and commends the estimated 650 million voters who exercised their right to vote.”

State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller also congratulated Modi and the NDA, highlighting the massive democratic exercise undertaken by Indian voters, poll workers, civil society, and journalists. Miller emphasized the US’s commitment to furthering its partnership with India to promote prosperity and innovation, address the climate crisis, and ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

Commitment to Partnership

Miller reaffirmed the US commitment to developing its cooperation with India, emphasizing economic collaboration and strengthening people-to-people ties. The emphasis was on ensuring a free, safe, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region, which is still a goal for both countries. Richard Verma, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, commended Indian voters and everyone participants in the democratic process. He underlined his hope for ongoing work with Prime Minister Modi and the National Democratic Alliance to strengthen the US-India alliance for regional peace and security.

Commendations from US Business Leaders

The US-India Business Council (USIBC) also joined in the congratulations. Edward Knight, Chair of the USIBC Global Board of Directors and NASDAQ Executive Vice Chairman, applauded Modi on his re-election. Knight emphasized the importance of active engagement in the democratic process and highlighted India’s global leadership role.

USIBS President Atul Keshap praised the electoral process, noting it as the greatest exercise of electoral choice in human history. Keshap emphasized the importance of deepening economic ties between India and the US, aiming for a bilateral trade target of at least $500 billion annually.

Modi’s Replies to Global Leaders

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the strength of India’s relations with foreign leaders such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the United Kingdom’s Rishi Sunak. He reaffirmed his commitment to continue deepening these partnerships and taking a collaborative approach to global concerns.

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