The recent directive issued by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal from Enforcement Directorate (ED) custody has ignited a clash between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over its legitimacy and effectiveness. Amidst ongoing investigations and mounting pressure for Kejriwal’s resignation, the AAP’s decision not to appoint a temporary replacement for the CM position has raised eyebrows. Here’s a detailed look at the unfolding events surrounding Kejriwal’s directive and the ensuing controversy.

Kejriwal Issues Directive from Custody

Arvind Kejriwal, currently in ED custody in connection with the Delhi excise policy case, made headlines by issuing his first “direction” on Sunday. Despite being detained, Kejriwal utilized his legal representation to hand over a written note to the chief minister’s office, directing Minister Atishi to address water and sewer-related issues in certain areas of Delhi.

ED Initiates Probe

The AAP’s claim regarding Kejriwal’s directive has prompted the ED to launch an investigation. According to ED sources, no stationery is permitted for individuals in custody, casting doubt on the authenticity of the directive. Atishi is expected to be questioned regarding the source of the purported “order,” including who delivered it and when. The agency plans to verify the claim using CCTV footage.

Contents of the Directive Revealed

Atishi disclosed the contents of Kejriwal’s note, expressing concern over water and sewage issues in Delhi. Kejriwal emphasized the importance of addressing these issues promptly to prevent inconvenience to the residents, especially with the approaching summer season. He instructed officials, including the chief secretary, to take necessary actions and even suggested seeking cooperation from the lieutenant governor if required.

Atishi Emotional Response

At a press conference, Atishi shared her emotional reaction upon reading Kejriwal’s instructions. She commended Kejriwal’s dedication to the welfare of Delhi’s residents despite facing personal challenges. Atishi’s remarks underscored the admiration and respect she holds for Kejriwal’s commitment to public service.

AAP Defends Kejriwal

In response to criticism from the BJP, the AAP staunchly defended Kejriwal’s directive. Atishi emphasized Kejriwal’s unwavering concern for the people of Delhi, even in the face of adversity. She asserted that the BJP’s attempts to undermine Kejriwal’s sincerity were futile and that his dedication to serving the public remained unshakeable.

BJP Dismisses Directive as Gimmick

Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor dismissed Kejriwal’s directive as a mere publicity stunt. Kapoor accused AAP leaders of resorting to gimmicks to stay in the news cycle. He downplayed the significance of Kejriwal’s note, labeling it as melodramatic and insincere.

ED’s Intrigue and Investigations

ED officials expressed intrigue over Kejriwal’s directive and initiated a probe into its legitimacy. Kejriwal’s personal assistant, Bibhav Kumar, already under investigation for alleged destruction of evidence, is being questioned regarding the issuance of the “order.” The probe will also explore the involvement of Kejriwal’s lawyers and his wife, Sunita Kejriwal, who have visited him in custody.

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