The Election Commission is facing increasing scrutiny over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks, with the Congress and other parties demanding action against candidates who allegedly promote division among people. Parties like the CPI(M) and CPI(ML)L have joined the Congress in seeking action, including disqualification and a ban from campaigning, against PM Modi. However, the EC has declined to comment on the matter, raising questions about its response to the controversy.

Allegations Against PM Modi

PM Modi’s comments, described by some as “hate speech,” have drawn criticism from various quarters. The Congress has accused him of attempting to create divisions among communities for political gain.

Citizen Initiatives

Concerned citizens have also raised their voices against PM Modi’s remarks. Initiatives like the ‘Samvidhan Bacchao Nagrik Abhiyan’ have collected thousands of signatures urging the EC to take action against hate speech. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has sought a meeting with PM Modi to present the party’s manifesto. Congress candidates and workers plan to send copies of the manifesto to PM Modi as a response to his allegations.

Congress’s Memorandum to EC

A Congress delegation has met with the Election Commission to submit a memorandum listing alleged violations of the poll code by PM Modi. The memorandum calls for immediate action to address the divisive rhetoric. Leaders of the CPI(M) and CPI(ML)L have written to the Chief Election Commissioner, highlighting the seriousness of PM Modi’s remarks and demanding prompt action to uphold the integrity of the electoral proces

Concerns About EC’s Credibility

There are concerns that the Election Commission’s credibility could be undermined if it fails to address the issue effectively. Critics argue that allowing hate speech to go unchecked could have serious implications for the democratic process.

Political Reaction and Public Discourse

Opposition leaders, including Congress General Secretary K C Venugopal and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal, have condemned PM Modi’s alleged hate speech. They question the government’s commitment to inclusive governance and communal harmony.

Calls for Accountability

There are calls for accountability from the government and the Election Commission regarding PM Modi’s remarks. Critics argue that such divisive rhetoric has no place in a democratic society and must be addressed promptly and decisively.

Ensuring Fair and Peaceful Elections

As the Lok Sabha elections progress, ensuring fair and peaceful elections remains a top priority. The Election Commission plays a crucial role in upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that electoral processes are conducted in a transparent and unbiased manner.

The controversy surrounding PM Modi’s alleged hate speech highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity of the electoral process. With demands for action from various political parties and concerned citizens, the Election Commission faces pressure to address the issue effectively and uphold democratic values.

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