Voter turnout varies among states in Phase 3 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

According to the most recent Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 3 reports, India saw a day of democratic engagement, with calm polling in 93 seats. According to the Election Commission of India (ECI), voter turnout is 63.47 percent, with percentages changing by state.

Overall Voter Turnout:

The nationwide voter turnout for Phase 3 is 63.47 percent, indicating that individuals are actively participating in the election.

State-wise turnout:

Assam had the highest voter turnout at 76.91 percent, indicating significant civic activity in the northeastern area.

Lowest Turnout:

Uttar Pradesh has the lowest voter turnout (57.34 percent), emphasizing the need for improved voter engagement tactics.

Other states reflect varied participation rates:

  • Bihar: 58.02 percent
  • Chhattisgarh: 69.17 percent
  • Goa: 74.59 percent
  • Gujarat: 57.48 percent
  • Karnataka: 69.54 percent
  • Madhya Pradesh: 66.05 percent
  • Maharashtra: 61.05 percent
  • West Bengal: 73.96 percent
  • Smooth Conduct: The ECI reported smooth and peaceful polling operations in all states and union territories, including sensitive districts in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. Stringent security measures created a welcoming environment for voters, instilling safety and trust.
  • Leadership and monitoring: The Election Commission, led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar and ECs Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, provided attentive monitoring throughout the polling process to ensure adherence to election procedures and fairness.
  • Phase 3 finishes with polling in 20 States/UTs and 283 Parliamentary Constituencies for the 2024 general election. This round included 1331 candidates, including about 120 women, with over 17.24 crore eligible voters exercising their franchise at 1.85 lakh voting places.

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