Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah start their state-by-state campaign trails as the Lok Sabha Election of 2024 picks up steam. Both leaders are aggressively interacting with people to gain support for their respective parties as the fifth round of voting draws near.

PM Modi’s Campaign in West Bengal and Jharkhand

On Friday, West Bengal and Jharkhand will have rallies with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His campaign schedule includes stops in Jharkhand’s Singhbhum and West Bengal’s Bardhaman-Durgapur, Krishnanagar, and Bolpur. The purpose of these demonstrations is to increase voter turnout and strengthen the BJP’s electoral standing in these areas.

Amit Shah’s Campaign Across Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, is touring Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa as part of his campaign. He has electoral rallies scheduled in Mapusa (Goa), Ratnagiri and Sangli (Maharashtra), and Chikkodi (Karnataka). These gatherings provide opportunities for speaking to the public, showcasing the accomplishments of the BJP, and mobilizing support for the party’s candidates running in these states.

Importance of Friday’s Nominations

The last day to submit nominations for states running in the May 20 Lok Sabha elections’ fifth round is this Friday. The conclusion of the nomination filing procedure marks the end of the candidate selection process and prepares voters for more intense campaigning in the days before the election.

Rahul Gandhi’s Candidacy in Raebareli

The nomination of Rahul Gandhi as the Congress candidate from the Raebareli seat is a noteworthy milestone. This choice was made in response to discussions inside the party over who candidates to nominate for important Uttar Pradesh seats. The Gandhi family’s ancestral stronghold of Raebareli, where Rahul Gandhi is running for office, highlights the party’s calculated political posture.

Congress’s Nomination List for Uttar Pradesh

Another list of candidates for the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha elections has been revealed by the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi has been nominated from Raebareli, and Kishori Lal Sharma has been put up from the Amethi seat. The party’s dedication to fielding strong candidates who can effectively represent the interests of the voters in important seats is reflected in these nominations.

Impact of Rahul Gandhi’s Nomination

Rahul Gandhi’s candidacy from Raebareli, according to Uttar Pradesh Congress president Ajay Rai, would have a big impact on the results of the election. He highlights Rahul’s significance in influencing the political terrain and conveys optimism about the Congress-led INDIA alliance’s chances of assuming the government.

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