Phase 2 of Lok Sabha Election 2024 Concludes

The second phase of India’s general elections for 88 parliamentary constituencies across 13 states and Union Territories concluded on Friday with a voter turnout of approximately 63.50%, as reported by the Election Commission of India (ECI). This phase followed the initial polling on April 19, which covered 102 seats across 21 states and Union territories.

Regional Variations in Voter Turnout

Notably, Tripura recorded the highest voter turnout at 79.46%, while Uttar Pradesh registered the lowest turnout at 54.85%. Despite variations, the overall voter participation is expected to increase once reports from all polling stations are compiled, considering that voting continued until 6 PM in many constituencies.

Political Campaign Intensifies

With the conclusion of the second phase, political parties have ramped up their campaign efforts for the remaining constituencies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address a rally in Goa on Saturday, underscoring the significance of key battlegrounds in shaping the electoral landscape.

Key Contenders in Lok Sabha Election 2024

The focus remains on two major political alliances: the INDIA bloc and the Narendra Modi-led NDA. The INDIA bloc comprises parties such as the Congress, AAP, and TMC, while the NDA includes the BJP, PMK, and JDU. As both alliances vie for power, their contrasting approaches and promises to voters have become central themes of the election narrative.

NDA’s Vision vs. INDIA Bloc’s Agenda

While the NDA aims for a third consecutive term, echoing slogans of ‘abki baar 400 paar’, the INDIA bloc adopts an economic-centric approach, emphasizing promises of MSP for farmers and cash incentives for women, as outlined in their manifesto.

Phase-wise Schedule for Lok Sabha Election 2024

The Lok Sabha elections are being conducted in seven phases, with the following schedule:

  • Phase 1: April 19 (completed)
  • Phase 2: April 26 (completed)
  • Phase 3: May 7
  • Phase 4: May 13
  • Phase 5: May 20
  • Phase 6: May 25
  • Phase 7: June 1

Counting of Votes and Declaration of Results

The votes cast in the Lok Sabha elections will be counted, and the results will be announced on June 4, marking the culmination of the electoral process.

Jailed Pro-Khalistani Separatist to Contest LS Polls

Pro-Khalistani separatist Amritpal Singh is set to contest the Lok Sabha elections from the Khadoor Sahib constituency as an independent candidate. Singh’s mother confirmed his candidacy, stating that pressure was exerted on him to enter politics. Singh, currently incarcerated in Dibrugarh jail, Assam, is poised to embark on his political journey from Khadoor Sahib.

Dip in Voter Turnout in Seemanchal

The second phase of Lok Sabha elections in Bihar witnessed a dip in voter turnout, particularly in the Seemanchal region. Despite peaceful polling, the provisional voter turnout stood at 58.58%, marking a decrease from the 2019 elections. However, authorities expect the final turnout to surpass 60% once all reports are finalized.

Legal Troubles for BJP Candidates

BJP candidates Tejasvi Surya and K Sudhakar face legal challenges over alleged Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations. Surya is accused of religious solicitation, while Sudhakar is implicated in bribery allegations. The cases highlight the stringent enforcement of electoral regulations amidst the heated campaign atmosphere.

Voter Turnout in Rajasthan’s Second Phase

Rajasthan recorded a voter turnout of over 64.60% across 13 constituencies during the second phase of Lok Sabha elections. While the elections were largely peaceful, sporadic clashes were reported in certain areas. The voter turnout figures reflect the dynamic electoral landscape in the state.

Tripura Records Highest Voter Turnout

Tripura emerged with the highest voter turnout in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections, showcasing robust civic engagement. Despite variations across regions, the overall voter participation underscores the democratic fervor observed nationwide.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Lok Sabha elections.

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