Political Parties Gear Up for Third Phase of Lok Sabha Polls

As the Lok Sabha election 2024 progresses, political parties across India have ramped up their campaign efforts ahead of the third phase of polling scheduled for May 7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently addressed a rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah, challenging the stronghold of the Samajwadi Party in the region. However, amidst the campaign fervor, controversy surrounds Rahul Gandhi’s nomination from the Raebareli seat in Uttar Pradesh, with questions raised about his nationality and recent legal issues.

Focus on Third Phase of Polling

With the third phase of polling approaching, political parties are leaving no stone unturned to secure voter support. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Etawah signifies the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) determination to challenge the dominance of regional parties like the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh.

Controversy Surrounding Rahul Gandhi Nomination

A complaint has been filed against Rahul Gandhi regarding his nomination from Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, raising concerns about his nationality and recent legal troubles. The complaint questions the validity of his nomination and highlights issues related to his conviction in a defamation case.

Key Players in Lok Sabha Election 2024

The Lok Sabha election 2024 is primarily contested between two major political alliances: the INDIA bloc and the NDA led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While the INDIA bloc comprises parties like the Congress, AAP, and TMC, the NDA includes the BJP, PMK, and JDU among its member parties.

NDA’s Bid for Third Consecutive Term

The NDA, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is eyeing its third consecutive term in office. With slogans like ‘abki baar 400 paar,’ the NDA aims to secure a decisive victory in the Lok Sabha election 2024.

INDIA Bloc’s Campaign Strategy

In contrast, the opposition INDIA bloc has adopted an economical approach to its campaign, focusing on promises such as Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers and cash handouts to women as outlined in their manifesto.

Phase-wise Schedule for Lok Sabha Election

The Lok Sabha election is being conducted in multiple phases across various states and Union Territories. The third phase of polling is scheduled for May 7, with a total of 94 Lok Sabha seats up for grabs across 12 states and Union Territories.

Anticipation and Preparation for Third Phase

As the third phase of polling approaches, political parties are gearing up for intense campaigning and voter outreach activities. All eyes are on the battleground states where crucial seats will be contested, shaping the outcome of the election.

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