The Rajgarh Lok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh gears up for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as the Election Commission of India announces the schedule. Here’s a detailed look at the candidates, party names, and important election dates for the Rajgarh constituency:

Election Schedule

The voting for the Rajgarh Lok Sabha Constituency Election 2024 is set for 7th May, falling under Phase 3 of the elections. Subsequently, the counting of votes and result announcement is scheduled for 4th June.

Candidates and Party Names

Candidates from various political parties and independent contenders are preparing for the electoral battle in Rajgarh constituency. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has nominated Rodmal Nagar as its candidate for the upcoming elections. Nagar, aiming for re-election, seeks to secure voter support with his party’s agenda and promises.

Previous Election Results

Reflecting on the previous Lok Sabha elections held in 2019, Rodmal Nagar emerged victorious from the Rajgarh constituency, securing a significant mandate. He garnered a total of 823,824 votes, representing 65% of the total votes polled. Nagar’s victory in 2019 underscored the BJP’s stronghold in the region and significant voter support.

In 2014 Election

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Rodmal Nagar, representing the BJP, emerged triumphant once again. He secured a total of 596,727 votes, accounting for 59% of the total votes polled. Nagar’s consecutive victories highlight the political landscape of the Rajgarh constituency and the BJP’s dominance in the region.

Party Nominations

Apart from the BJP, various other parties have fielded candidates for the Rajgarh Lok Sabha constituency. While some parties have announced their candidates ahead of the polls, others are finalizing their nominations as the election progresses across phases.

Candidate List Updates

The candidate list will be updated as and when the parties declare their contenders for the electoral battle.

As the Lok Sabha elections 2024 approach, the political landscape in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, witnesses heightened activity. With candidates from major parties and independents vying for the parliamentary seat, the electoral contest promises to be intriguing. Stay tuned for further updates and comprehensive coverage of the Rajgarh Lok Sabha constituency election.

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