In today’s news roundup, we delve into the latest developments in health investments and social entrepreneurship initiatives aimed at climate action. From addressing the rising cases of heart attacks to promoting sustainability practices, here’s a glimpse of what’s making headlines.

Health Investments: Dr. Ranjan Shetty Approach to Fitness

Dr. Ranjan Shetty, a renowned Interventional Cardiologist at Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru, emphasizes the importance of systematic exercise planning (SEP) for maintaining optimal health. With cardiovascular diseases ranking as the leading cause of mortality in India, Dr. Shetty advocates for strategic investments in health to combat this alarming trend. He stresses the significance of compounding strength over time, considering factors such as age and family medical history.

Environmental Initiatives: Beyond Sustainability’s Mission for Climate Action

Beyond Sustainability, founded by Hari Prasad, focuses on assisting manufacturing companies and corporations in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management. Through their innovative tech platform, Beyond Sustainability OS, the startup provides insights and predictive analysis to enhance sustainability performance. With a clientele including prominent organizations like ABB Mobility and CII, Beyond Sustainability aims to drive positive environmental change through strategic interventions.

News & Updates: Climate Action and Biodiversity Conservation

Political leaders’ sluggish approach to climate action is criticized by Todd Stern, former special envoy for climate change under the Obama administration. Meanwhile, a biodiversity survey in Cambodia’s mangrove forests reveals a rich ecosystem comprising over 700 species. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market experiences volatility amidst geopolitical tensions following an Iranian attack on Israel.

Insights: Trivia of the Day

As a trivia tidbit, we ponder over an intriguing question: Which element is named after an astronomer? Stay tuned for the answer!

From promoting fitness investments to advocating for sustainable practices, today’s news highlights the intersection of health and environmental consciousness in driving positive societal change.

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