German Stays Out of Kejriwal Arrest Proceedings After Modi Govt’s Message

In a notable development, Germany has refrained from involvement in the arrest proceedings of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, following a message conveyed by the Narendra Modi government. The decision marks a significant shift in stance by Germany, which had previously made remarks on the matter, drawing criticism from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.


Amidst the controversy surrounding the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the Liquor scam, the Modi government took a proactive step to address international comments on the issue. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs summoned a senior German diplomat to express its objections to Germany’s remarks regarding India’s internal affairs.

India Firm Response

India’s response to Germany’s remarks was firm and unequivocal. The Ministry of External Affairs viewed the comments as interference in India’s judicial process and a challenge to the independence of its judiciary. Consequently, a demarche was served to Germany, highlighting India’s concerns and objections.

Outcome of India Counteraction

The resolute stance taken by the Modi government yielded positive results, with Germany opting to refrain from further involvement in the matter. The German spokesperson, in response to queries about the issue, declined to provide details of the summoning in Delhi and chose not to comment on the case any further.

German Spokesperson Statement

The German spokesperson emphasized the importance of respecting the Indian Constitution, which guarantees basic human rights and freedoms. The spokesperson reiterated Germany’s commitment to democratic values and expressed eagerness to deepen cooperation with India as a strategic partner.

Implications and Significance

Germany’s decision to withdraw from the Kejriwal arrest proceedings following India’s message underscores the importance of bilateral relations and mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty. It reflects India’s firm stance on safeguarding its internal affairs and upholding the integrity of its judicial processes.

International Relations Dynamics

The incident also highlights the delicate nature of international relations, particularly when it comes to commenting on the internal affairs of sovereign nations. India’s message serves as a reminder to democratic countries, such as the United States, to exercise caution in making remarks about fellow democracies and their legal processes.

Broader Context

India’s assertive response to Germany’s comments sets a precedent for other nations to refrain from interfering in its internal matters. The Modi government’s proactive approach in safeguarding India’s sovereignty sends a clear message that commenting on internal affairs of third countries carries consequences and can strain diplomatic relations.

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