Airtel’s Latest Offer: Free Netflix & Unlimited 5G Data

In a calculated attempt to entice prepaid mobile customers, Airtel has launched an alluring entertainment bundle that includes a free Netflix Basic membership in addition to limitless 5G data, phone calls, and other benefits.

The All-Inclusive ₹1,499 Plan

Customers may enjoy a substantial amount of 3GB of data per day, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMS per day for an impressive 84 days with Airtel’s recently launched prepaid plan, which costs ₹1,499. For Airtel customers looking for a long-lasting mobile service, this all-inclusive bundle stands out as a reliable option.

Free Netflix Basic Subscription

The plan’s most alluring feature is the free Netflix Basic subscription that gives users access to the streaming service’s enormous catalog of films and TV series. Airtel customers can still take use of this offer even though Netflix has stopped accepting new members for its Basic plan. It allows for standard definition (SD) streaming on a single device at a time, making it perfect for single users.

Unlimited 5G Data Experience

Subscribers can enjoy the luxury of unlimited 5G data in 5G-enabled locations, guaranteeing a lightning-fast internet experience, in addition to the perks of data and calls. This feature demonstrates Airtel’s dedication to staying on the bleeding edge of technology development and offering its customers cutting-edge connectivity options.

Claiming the Netflix Benefit

Customers only need to open the ‘Discover Thanks Benefits’ section of the Airtel Thanks app in order to take advantage of the free Netflix subscription. This is where the Netflix advantage will be clearly visible, and consumers can easily activate it by tapping the ‘Claim’ button. For the full 84 days of the plan, the Netflix subscription is linked to the mobile phone that was used to make the recharge.

Additional Perks

In addition to the main advantages, users of this plan also receive free Hellotunes, free Wynk Music access, and participation in Apollo 24|7 Circle, which enhances and adds value to their overall experience. Airtel confirms its position as a top supplier of all-inclusive prepaid packages with the launch of this new plan. Airtel continues to meet the changing demands of its customers by combining entertainment, data, and extra perks in a seamless manner, setting the standard for excellence in the telecom sector.

For prepaid mobile subscribers, Airtel’s ₹1,499 package is an alluring deal that combines critical services with top-notch entertainment options. A free Netflix Basic membership, limitless 5G bandwidth, and a plethora of other benefits allow users to have a smooth and engaging mobile experience.

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