Tech enthusiasts, unite! Fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to go into the fascinating realm of quantum computing with a significant French startup. The Desjardins brothers launched C12, which recently raised a whopping $19.4 million to advance this ground-breaking technology.

Why Quantum Computing Matters?

Even though they are very powerful, traditional computers are reaching their limits. However, quantum computers hold the potential to solve issues that are beyond the capabilities of our existing devices. Quantum computing might be used to simulate intricate chemical interactions for drug development or to optimize supply chain operations worldwide, to name just a few applications.

C12’s Unique Approach

What distinguishes C12, then? C12 is focused on carbon nanotubes, in contrast to most businesses that use superconducting materials. The secret to their special procedure lies in these minuscule tubes, which are 10,000 times smaller than a human hair. Even a unique method of integrating these nanotubes with silicon circuits has been patented by C12.

Building the Future: From Basement to Breakthroughs

Ideas aren’t all that C12 is about; they’re also implemented. Their first production line, tucked away in a basement in Paris, is already producing chips that contain one or two qubits, which are the fundamental units of quantum computing. Although large-scale machines are still some distance off, this is an important validation step.

C12 is aware that the creation of quantum software must occur concurrently with advances in hardware. Even prior to the availability of fully functional quantum computers, developers can test and create code using their emulator, Callisto. They will have an advantage when the future comes.

Partnerships and Progress

C12 is not on its own. Working with industry experts such as Air Liquide, they are concentrating on energy optimization and chemical simulations. With the support of investors like Varsity Capital and Verve Ventures, this fundraising round will enable them to forge new alliances and advance their research objectives. Realizing “long-distance” communication between qubits is one of C12’s main research goals; this is a crucial barrier to scaling up quantum computing. Even though “long-distance” in this sense refers to tens of micrometers—a minuscule amount of space—it’s an essential step in the development of bigger and more potent machinery.

The Future of Quantum Computing is Now

The tale of C12 offers a peek into the fascinating realm of quantum computing. By virtue of their creative methodology, commitment to investigation, and emphasis on collaborations, they are expanding the realm of the feasible. C12 is an excellent illustration of how quantum computing is quickly becoming a reality rather than just science fiction, even though there is still more work to be done.

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