It defies stereotypes to see a woman driving on the road because it is a rare sight. With her firm Bold and Beautiful (B&B), Garima Gupta hopes to rewrite this story by providing safe trips home for women, driven entirely by women. This campaign empowers women in the transport industry and addresses safety problems.

The Inspiration Behind Bold and Beautiful (B&B)

Once a corporate professional in Delhi-NCR, Garima Gupta frequently experienced anxiety when taking late-night taxi journeys. “Why can’t women feel safe getting home, no matter the time?” she asked herself after having this encounter. Her idea was to provide a safe and compassionate environment for women to ride in a taxi service operated by women, for women.

The Birth of Bold and Beautiful Cabs

B&B is a taxi service firm situated in Delhi-NCR. With eight female drivers at the moment, it hopes to expand. Being bold and beautiful is more than just a term; it’s about the assurance women have when they go out at night and know they will get home safely. It’s about the strength and sense of camaraderie that women feel when they drive alongside other women.

The Challenges and Triumphs

It was difficult to launch B&B in a field dominated by men. It was difficult to find female drivers, but Garima’s dedication enabled her to succeed. B&B fosters confidence between drivers and riders by offering thorough training and stringent safety procedures. Positive comments from its expanding customer base attest to the company’s reputation for dependable and secure service.

Empowering Women Through Employment

By giving women job possibilities, B&B dispels gender stereotypes and encourages economic empowerment. B&B facilitates the balancing of work and personal life for women by providing flexible working hours. The inclusive workplace encourages camaraderie and solidarity among drivers, which raises job satisfaction.

Expanding the Vision

Garima intends to investigate joint ventures to improve offers and extend B&B’s services to other significant Indian cities. She wants to enhance the user experience by utilising technology to provide features like emergency response systems and real-time tracking.

Community Building and Social Impact

Through workshops and events, B&B focuses on fostering a sense of community among drivers by giving them a forum to exchange stories and pick up new skills. In line with its goal of empowering women, the corporation participates in social programmes to help women’s education and skill development.

The Future of Bold and Beautiful

In Garima’s future, women will feel secure and in control of every part of their life. Bold and Beautiful is a representation of solidarity, tenacity, and strength rather than just a taxi service. Aspiring business owners are motivated to continue and make a positive social effect by Garima’s story.

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