Should You Bet on Gold this Akshaya Tritiya?

As Akshaya Tritiya approaches, investors are debating whether to invest in gold given the current market conditions. While this auspicious day has traditionally represented riches and good fortune, experts advise caution owing to rising gold prices and market volatility. Let’s look at the insights that financial analysts and experts have offered to help you make better investment selections.

Gold’s Performance in 2023

The precious metals market, notably gold, experienced tremendous growth in 2023, with domestic markets seeing an increase of roughly 15%. Several reasons, including geopolitical tensions and central bank policy, led to this increase. Despite ongoing volatility caused by global events such as the pandemic and geopolitical wars, gold remained a reliable asset, drawing investors seeking safety and consistent returns.

Market Outlook for Gold

While Akshaya Tritiya has traditionally been connected with gold purchasing, experts warn against impetuous buying due to high local costs. Gold prices have reached historic highs, raising fears about a possible technical fall in the near term. However, the long-term picture remains optimistic, thanks to factors like as rising global prices, geopolitical concerns, and greater central bank purchases.

Investment Strategies

When investing in gold, experts advise on strategic timing and diversification to handle the present market environment. Despite high prices, buyers should consider purchasing gold in lower denominations to save money. Diversifying investments across asset types can also help balance risk and enhance long-term gains.

Expert Insights on Gold Investment

Financial analysts provide Akshaya Tritiya with vital information on the gold market and investment techniques. Deveya Gaglani, Senior Research Analyst – Commodities at Axis Securities, emphasizes the appeal of gold as an investment asset. She predicts that geopolitical concerns and global central bank policies will promote continuing price appreciation. Hareesh V, Head of Commodities at Geojit Financial Services, is taking a more cautious stance regarding the present record-high gold prices. While conceding the possibility of short-term volatility, he emphasizes gold’s long-term stability and ability to generate reasonable returns over time.

While Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious time for gold investing, investors must show caution and diligence in their decision-making. Investors can maximize their investment portfolios by staying up to date on market trends, diversifying investments, and engaging with financial advisors.

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