Humane, a firm formed by former Apple executives, has lately made headlines with its wearable AI device, the AI Pin. However, the focus has not been positive. Critics have panned the AI Pin, which was released for $699, citing a lack of features and functionality.

Humane’s AI Pin Struggles After Launch

Following these unfavorable reviews, Humane is apparently considering selling its business. According to The New York Times, talks are underway with IT behemoth HP about a possible $1 billion acquisition. This announcement comes after prior rumors stated Humane was looking for a buyer worth between $750 million and $1 billion.

Troubled Waters: Employee Concerns and Internal Issues

Adding to Humane’s woes, The Times reports that a senior software engineer was fired in February for raising doubts about the AI Pin’s readiness for launch. This termination allegedly violated a company policy restricting negative comments about Humane.

Current and former employees have also spoken out, stating that founders Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno disregarded internal warnings about the AI Pin’s technical shortcomings, such as low battery life and high power consumption. These concerns were apparently dismissed in favor of a more optimistic perspective, with a sales target of 100,000 units in the first year. However, this hopeful approach backfired, with just approximately 10,000 units bought by early April.

In an interview with The New York Times, Bongiorno acknowledged the challenges faced by the AI Pin, stating, “You don’t know everything before you launch.” Chaudhri also expressed regret, mentioning they wished they could have handled some issues differently.

HP As A Potential Savior? The Uncertain Future of Humane and the AI Pin

The fate of the AI Pin and HP’s potential acquisition of Humane remain unclear, especially considering the high price tag for a company that has yet to establish itself. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Will HP proceed with the acquisition? HP is a well-established tech giant, and some analysts question the strategic fit of the AI Pin within HP’s existing product portfolio. The high asking price may also be a deterrent.
  • What will become of the AI Pin? Even if HP acquires Humane, the future of the AI Pin remains uncertain. The product’s negative reception suggests significant work is needed to improve its functionality and user experience before it can be successful.
  • Can Humane recover from its rocky launch? If the HP deal falls through, Humane will need to address its internal issues and develop a more realistic strategy to move forward.

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