Intel Names Santosh Viswanathan as Managing Director

In a significant move, computer chip maker Intel has announced the appointment of Santosh Viswanathan as the Managing Director of its India region. With over 21 years of experience at Intel, Viswanathan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role.

Establishment of India as a Separate Region

Earlier this year, Intel made the strategic decision to establish India as a separate region within its Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group (SMG) organization. This decision reflects Intel’s commitment to leveraging the rapid growth and vast business opportunities present in the Indian market.

Santosh Viswanathan’s Leadership

Santosh Viswanathan, who previously served as the Vice President and Managing Director for the Indian market since July 2022, will now lead the newly formed India region. His extensive experience and customer-centric approach are expected to drive value and growth in this key market.

Appointment of Hans Chuang as GM of SMG Asia Pacific and Japan

In addition to Viswanathan’s appointment, Intel has also named Hans Chuang as the General Manager (GM) of SMG Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). Based in Taiwan, Chuang will be responsible for overseeing Intel’s overall business in the APJ region, including revenue growth and strengthening customer and partner relationships.

Continued Commitment to Growth

Intel’s appointments of Viswanathan and Chuang underscore the company’s commitment to driving growth and seizing opportunities in key markets like India and the Asia Pacific region. With experienced leadership at the helm, Intel aims to enhance its presence and deliver value to customers and partners.

Intel’s decision to appoint Santosh Viswanathan as the Managing Director of its India region reflects its strategic focus on harnessing the potential of the Indian market. With Viswanathan’s leadership and expertise, Intel aims to strengthen its position and drive growth in this dynamic region.

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