The integration of Kochi Metro Rail into the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) marks a significant milestone in India’s mobility landscape. As the second metro service to join the ONDC Network, Kochi Metro Rail aims to revolutionize ticketing accessibility and convenience for commuters across the region.

Facilitating Seamless Ticketing Solutions

Expansion of ONDC’s Mobility Domain: With the inclusion of Kochi Metro Rail, ONDC continues to expand its offerings in the mobility sector, following its partnership with Chennai Metro earlier this year. Commuters can now seamlessly purchase single journey and return journey tickets for Kochi Metro through various buyer apps on the ONDC Network, including Yatri, Paytm, Rapido, and redBus.

Enhanced Customer Choice: By offering ticket booking options through multiple buyer apps, ONDC ensures enhanced customer choice and convenience. Additionally, integration with popular platforms like PhonePe, Google Maps, Uber, and EaseMyTrip in the future will further broaden the accessibility of Kochi Metro ticketing services.

Driving Mobility Growth

Significant Surge in Mobility Transactions: March witnessed a substantial surge in mobility transactions on the ONDC platform, accounting for over 53% of the total orders. This trend underscores the growing demand for digital mobility solutions and highlights the pivotal role of ONDC in facilitating seamless transactions for commuters.

Immediate Access to Ticket Inventory: New buyer apps joining the ONDC Network gain immediate access to Kochi Metro’s ticket inventory, further enhancing customer convenience and streamlining the ticket booking process.

Stakeholder Perspectives

Empowering Digital Inclusivity: T. Koshy, MD & CEO of ONDC, emphasizes the importance of creating an ecosystem where all services, including metro tickets, auto booking, cab bookings, and grocery shopping, are available on a single platform. This move aligns with ONDC’s mission to promote digital inclusivity and enhance urban transport experiences for every citizen.

Commitment to Sustainable Urban Transit: Sanjiv Singh, Joint Secretary of DPIIT, highlights the integration of Kochi Metro Rail with ONDC as a step towards enhancing urban transport experiences and fostering personalized mobility solutions. By digitizing and streamlining urban transit, the initiative aims to ensure accessibility and efficiency for all commuters.

Industry Collaboration and Innovation

Strategic Partnerships: Industry leaders such as Paytm, PhonePe, Rapido, and redBus express their enthusiasm for collaborating with ONDC to introduce QR-based ticketing solutions for Kochi Metro. Their goal is to enhance the travel experience for passengers by offering smoother and more convenient ticketing options.

Promoting Digital Ecosystem: The inclusion of Kochi Metro Rail on the ONDC Network signifies a significant advancement towards creating a comprehensive digital multimodal transit system. Commuters can seamlessly combine different modes of transport, including First Mile (Auto), Middle Mile (Metro Rail), and Last Mile (Auto), enhancing overall mobility experiences.


The integration of Kochi Metro Rail into the ONDC Network underscores India’s commitment to promoting digital innovation and enhancing mobility experiences for its citizens. By leveraging the power of technology and collaboration, ONDC aims to democratize e-commerce and transform urban transit into a seamless, sustainable, and community-centered ecosystem. As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like ONDC play a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation in India.

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