Maruti Suzuki Shares Hit Record High

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd’s shares have witnessed a significant surge, reaching an all-time high of Rs 12,954.75 in Tuesday’s trading session. The stock has gained 25.55% year-to-date (YTD), reflecting its strong performance in 2024.

The Rise of Maruti Suzuki Share Price

Maruti Suzuki’s stock price surged by 0.82% during Tuesday’s trade, peaking at Rs 12,954.75, marking a historic milestone for the company. The stock’s remarkable performance continued as it closed at Rs 12,909, recording a 0.47% increase. This upward trend underscores the investor confidence in Maruti Suzuki’s growth prospects.

Capacity Expansion at Manesar Facility

Maruti Suzuki recently announced the commissioning of a new vehicle assembly line at its Manesar facility. This expansion initiative aims to enhance the company’s manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing demand for its vehicles. The new assembly line, integrated into Plant-A of the Manesar facility, has the capacity to produce 100,000 units annually. With this addition, Maruti Suzuki’s total manufacturing capacity at the Manesar plant has reached 900,000 vehicles per annum.

Analysts’ Perspectives

Analysts have expressed optimism regarding Maruti Suzuki’s stock performance, citing its strong technical setup and bullish outlook on daily charts. Avani Bhatt, Senior Vice-President of Equity Derivatives Research at JM Financial, highlighted a target price of Rs 13,000 for Maruti shares, recommending entry levels around Rs 12,575-Rs 12,600.

Osho Krishan, Senior Research Analyst at Angel One, emphasized the stock’s secular uptrend and identified support levels at Rs 12,400-12,200, with a sacrosanct support level at Rs 11,800. Ravi Singh, Senior Vice-President of Retail Research at Religare Broking, projected a near-term upside target of Rs 13,500 for Maruti shares.

However, AR Ramachandran from Tips2trades advised caution, noting that Maruti Suzuki’s stock is overbought on daily charts. He highlighted a resistance level at Rs 13,270 and recommended profit booking, with a potential downside target of Rs 11,655 in the short term.


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