In a strategic move to enhance the competitiveness of the mobile phone manufacturing sector, the Indian government has slashed the import duty on components used in phone production from 15% to 10%. This reduction is expected to positively impact the industry, fostering growth and improving global competitiveness.

Key Components Affected

The revised import duty applies to critical components, including battery enclosures, primary lenses, rear covers, and various mechanical components crafted from a combination of plastic and metal. These changes aim to facilitate cost reduction in smartphone manufacturing.

Industry Push for Cost Reduction

Companies within the mobile phone sector have advocated for cuts on approximately twelve components. The objective is to lower the overall production costs of smartphones in India, aligning the playing field with neighboring competitors such as China and Vietnam.

Potential Impact on Exports

Anticipating a substantial boost, the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) predicts that mobile phone exports from India could triple to $39 billion within the next two years. This projection is a significant leap from the $11 billion recorded in FY23. The potential surge in exports is contingent on the government’s continued reduction of import tariffs on components, with potential eliminations in certain categories.

Industry Growth Forecast

The Indian mobile industry is poised to contribute around $50 billion worth of mobile phones in FY24, with expectations of further growth to reach $55-60 billion in the next fiscal year. Projections also indicate an increase in exports, reaching approximately $15 billion in FY24 and escalating to $27 billion in FY25.

Strategic Implications for the Sector

The government’s decision to cut import duties strategically positions the Indian mobile manufacturing sector for accelerated growth. By aligning with industry demands for cost reduction, the move aims to make Indian smartphones more competitive globally.


The reduction in import duty on mobile phone components reflects the Indian government’s commitment to fostering economic growth within the mobile manufacturing sector. As the industry anticipates increased exports and enhanced competitiveness, these policy changes are poised to have a positive and transformative impact on India’s position in the global smartphone market.

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