Monsoon 2024 Brings Relief from Scorching Heat

As temperatures rise across India due to anticyclonic conditions and the El Nino impact, the arrival of Monsoon 2024 in Kerala provides a light of hope for respite. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) expects the monsoon to give relief from the extreme heatwave that has gripped areas of eastern and southern India.

Official Date of Monsoon 2024

The IMD’s most recent publication predicts that Monsoon 2024 will arrive in Kerala on May 31. This prediction has a statistical model error of ± 4 days, which accounts for differences in the onset date. The IMD uses a variety of indications to predict the commencement of the monsoon, including temperature patterns, pre-monsoon rainfall, and atmospheric conditions in nearby regions.

Predictive Indicators for Monsoon Onset

The IMD uses a number of factors to forecast the start of the monsoon season. These indicators include lowest temperatures, pre-monsoon rainfall patterns, and atmospheric phenomena like outgoing longwave radiation and upper tropospheric wind patterns. Meteorologists can forecast the arrival of the monsoon and its impact on weather patterns throughout India by evaluating these elements.

Impact of Climate Change

The year 2024 is the third consecutive year in which the arrival of summer brings intense heatwave conditions due to climate change. Extended heatwaves, lasting 10 to 20 days in some areas, have grown more regular, outpacing previous trends. Eastern India, in particular, has had record-breaking heatwave days, demonstrating the impact of climate change on regional weather patterns.

As Monsoon 2024 approaches, optimism grows for relief from India’s searing weather conditions. The IMD forecast provides vital insights into the timing and probable impact of the monsoon season, which is useful information for citizens, farmers, and policymakers alike. Stay back for further updates as the monsoon progresses and its effects spread around the country.

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