Spam calls are the scourge of all mobile phone users. These unsolicited calls can be a major annoyance, interfering with your plans, disrupting your workflow, and making you frustrated. But what if you could regain control over your phone and permanently mute them?

Presenting Noam, a cutting-edge Indian app that protects user privacy and detects spam calls with accuracy. Instead of requiring access to your complete contact list as is the case with other solutions, Noam uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a large worldwide database to identify unknown calls without jeopardizing your data.

The Rise of Spam Calls and the Need for a Solution

A stunning revelation is revealed by a recent MeAfee survey: Forty percent of Indians who fell for spam call scams lost more than Rs. fifty thousand. In addition to interfering with daily living, these unsolicited calls may be dangerous for security, particularly for communities that are already at risk.

Noam is a Jaipur-based startup that was founded in 2023 by Arpit Tak, Ramanth Choudhary, and Abhimanyu Sharma. The company is fighting back against spam calls head-on. Their creative method uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a spammer database that is updated continuously, providing a caller identification service that prioritizes privacy.

TICE.News Talks to Noam’s Co-founder Arpit Tak

In a recent interview, Arpit Tak discussed his vision for Noam, the ultimate weapon against the never-ending battle with spam calls. Tak emphasizes, The heart of the Noam solution lies in its thorough identification of spam callers, providing users with significant data security and privacy through the comprehensive application of data analysis.

How Does Noam Work? Different Approach, Superior Results

While many popular apps rely on your contact list to identify callers, Noam takes a different approach. It utilizes the power of AI and a massive global database to identify unknown callers. Imagine it as a super-smart detective who figures out who’s on the other end without needing your friends’ numbers.

This unique approach allows you to maintain complete privacy while still enjoying spam-free calls. Noam’s AI analyzes factors like phone numbers, call origin, and even user-reported data to build a powerful spam call blacklist.

Noam vs. Truecaller: What Sets Them Apart?

Truecaller, a major player with over 270 million users in India, relies on community-based spam reporting to identify unwanted calls. However, Noam employs a unique approach by analyzing patterns like call duration and hang-up rates to identify spammers more accurately. It gathers data beyond just contacts, incorporating information from Google News, social media platforms, public records, and other trusted sources. Additionally, Noam’s app is incredibly lightweight, clocking in at just 5.9 MB, making it ideal for users with limited storage space.

While Truecaller monetizes its basic features through pop-up ads embedded with caller information, Noam offers all its features for free to early adopters, including automatic spam identification and instant number recognition.

Taking Back Control of Your Phone with Noam

Noam empowers you to take back control of your phone and reclaim your peace of mind. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and prioritizing user privacy, Noam offers a superior solution to the ever-growing problem of spam calls.

  • Privacy-Focused: No need to share your entire contact list.
  • AI-Powered Identification: Accurately identifies spam callers using a large database and AI analysis.
  • Lightweight App: Takes up minimal storage space (5.9 MB).
  • Free Features: Enjoy all features, including automatic spam identification, for free.

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