Specialising in late-stage investments in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Highbrow Securities led a $3 million funding round for the Navi Mumbai-based technology sales and consultancy firm Novavente, marking a noteworthy milestone. The purpose of this money is to support Novavente’s ambitions for growth, improve its services, and enable significant employee expansion.

Strategic Investment for Growth

“Our strong faith in Novavente’s creative sales acceleration and AI-driven solutions is demonstrated by our investment in the company. The use of generative AI in industrial standards will be revolutionary. Novavente is leading this change and has enormous potential for expansion. “Novavente presents a strong story of high growth as they get ready for their initial public offering,” said Tarun Singh, managing director of Highbrow Securities.

Novavente’s Core Offerings and Market Position

Novavente Private Limited was established in 2016 by Ronak Rajan and focuses on creating demand and enabling worldwide sales with cutting-edge technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and sales automation. With the help of the company’s customised methods, clients can reach a wider audience and investigate new markets worldwide.

Novavente serves a wide range of clients from the US, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, including Fortune 500 organisations, major corporations, and startups. It offers B2B sales solutions, technology sales, managed services, marketing, and sales.

Clientele and Industry Footprint

Prominent brands from a variety of industries, including IT, software, cloud services, manufacturing, automotive, and media, are included in Novavente’s remarkable client roster. Prominent clientele such as ONGC, LTIMindtree, Viacom18, Jio Cinema, Sodexo, and Alibaba highlight its strong market position and domain knowledge.

Strategic Partnership with Highbrow Securities

“We are thrilled to have Highbrow Securities as a strategic partner and advisor for the next phase of growth and worldwide expansion after nine years of consistently and successfully growing year over year… The founder and CEO of Novavente, Ronak Rajan, said, “As we get closer to our IPO, their guidance and support will be crucial in assisting us in achieving our long-term objectives.”

Embracing Generative AI

Apart from its primary offerings, Novavente has also dabbled in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), as seen by its investment in Thought Minds Systems, a startup focused on this field. This calculated action demonstrates Novavente’s dedication to staying on the cutting edge of technology and promoting innovation in its industry.

Final Thoughts

Highbrow Securities’ recent investment in Novavente not only confirms the company’s creative strategy and market potential, but it also sets the company up for quicker development and international expansion. Novavente’s wide clientele and solid foundation in AI-driven sales solutions position it to take advantage of new opportunities in the rapidly changing tech sector.

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