Diplomatic Priorities: Neighbourhood First Policy

In a reaffirmation of India’s diplomatic priorities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated the country’s commitment to its ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy and ‘SAGAR Vision’ during a banquet held at the President’s residence. PM Modi vows to amplify the voice of the Global South on the international stage, fostering solidarity and cooperation among developing nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes India’s commitment to fostering peace, progress, and prosperity in the South Asian region through strategic partnerships and collaboration.

Amplifying the Voice of the Global South

PM Modi’s diplomatic agenda extends beyond regional boundaries, with a keen focus on amplifying the voice of the Global South on the international stage. Through strategic engagements and collaborative efforts, PM Modi aims to foster solidarity among developing nations, empowering them to play a more prominent role in global affairs. By championing the cause of the Global South, India seeks to create a more equitable and inclusive international order, where the voices of all nations, regardless of size or stature, are heard and respected.

Strategic Engagement with Neighbours

Central to PM Modi’s diplomatic initiatives is the strategic engagement with neighbouring countries. Recognizing the pivotal role of regional cooperation in fostering peace and stability, PM Modi has been proactive in strengthening bilateral ties with neighbouring nations. By fostering dialogue and cooperation, India aims to address common challenges and explore opportunities for mutual growth and development. PM Modi’s diplomatic outreach underscores India’s commitment to building bridges of friendship and understanding with its neighbours, paving the way for a more harmonious and prosperous South Asia.

Advancing Diplomatic Relations

India’s efforts to strengthen diplomatic relations with surrounding countries demonstrate its commitment to regional stability. India aspires to establish trust and confidence in its neighbours via conversation, cooperation, and mutual respect, laying the groundwork for long-term partnerships. PM Modi’s vision for South Asian cooperation highlights the significance of taking collective action to address common concerns such as poverty reduction, climate change, and terrorism. By collaborating, India and its neighbours can realize the region’s enormous potential and create a brighter future for everybody.

Strengthening Ties for Regional Peace

The improvement of ties between India and its neighbours is critical to promoting regional peace and stability. PM Modi’s diplomatic program emphasizes conversation and engagement as critical tools for resolving conflicts and fostering trust. Through efforts such as the ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy and the ‘SAGAR Vision,’ India wants to strengthen economic, cultural, and geopolitical links with its neighbors, building the framework for a more integrated and interconnected South Asia. India hopes to foster peace and development in the area by strengthening cooperation and understanding.

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