Actor Ranveer Singh has taken decisive legal action against a deepfake video that recently surfaced online, depicting him endorsing a political party. The video, which gained traction following Ranveer’s visit to Varanasi for a fashion event, utilizes sophisticated AI technology to manipulate his image and voice.

Background of the Incident

Following his participation in a fashion show for designer Manish Malhotra in Varanasi, a deepfake video featuring Ranveer Singh began circulating on social media platforms. The video appears authentic at first glance, but it utilizes an AI-generated voice clone of the actor to express political opinions critical of Prime Minister Modi’s administration, particularly regarding issues of unemployment and inflation.

Legal Response

In response to the dissemination of this deepfake video, Ranveer Singh has taken proactive steps to address the situation. The actor has filed a formal complaint with the Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime Cell, seeking legal recourse against the individuals responsible for creating and propagating the misleading content.

Confirmation by Ranveer’s Spokesperson

A spokesperson for Ranveer Singh has confirmed the filing of the police complaint and the initiation of legal proceedings against the individuals associated with the dissemination of the deepfake video. This decisive action underscores Ranveer’s commitment to safeguarding his reputation and combating the spread of misinformation through digital platforms.

Ranveer’s Cautionary Message

In addition to filing the complaint, Ranveer Singh has taken to his social media accounts to alert his followers about the dangers posed by deepfake technology. Through his Instagram Stories, where he commands a massive following of 47.2 million users, Ranveer issued a cautionary message urging vigilance against the proliferation of deepfake content. His tweet, “Deepfake se bacho dostonnnn ūüíÄ,” further emphasizes the need for awareness and caution in consuming digital media.

Impact of Deepfake Technology

The emergence of deepfake technology poses significant challenges in distinguishing between authentic and manipulated content, raising concerns about its potential misuse for spreading misinformation and propaganda. Ranveer Singh’s case highlights the urgent need for regulatory measures and technological solutions to address the proliferation of deepfake videos and protect individuals’ reputations from malicious exploitation.

Ranveer Singh’s proactive response to the dissemination of a deepfake video underscores the importance of addressing the threats posed by digital manipulation and misinformation. By taking legal action and raising awareness about the dangers of deepfake technology, Ranveer sets a precedent for combating deceptive practices in the digital realm and protecting individual rights and integrity.

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