Heroic Rescue in Srinagar

Residents of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir’s Safakadal neighborhood pulled off a daring and valiant rescue of a 7-year-old boy who was about to drown in the Jhelum River. A local news outlet posted footage of the event, which happened in the Chhatabal neighborhood, on X (previously Twitter).

Chaos and Commotion: Alarming the Neighbors

The man filming at the beginning of the video describes how the disturbance began when residents started crying for help, startling everyone in the area. A toddler is seen floating in the river, propelled by the powerful stream, while the camera concentrates on it. A man leaps into the river without thinking and swims in the direction of the boy. When the youngster is eventually rescued and returned to the riverside, where others are waiting tensely, the tension is evident as the rescuer struggles against the water.

Swift CPR Saves the Day

As soon as the rescuers arrived at the coast, they evaluated the boy’s health and started performing mouth-to-mouth cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The residents’ haste and tenacity are captured in the film, as they work quickly to save the boy’s life. Everyone in the room is relieved when the child begins reacting shortly after background voices calling for CPR.

Series of Tragic Incidents in Jhelum River

This brave deed occurs this month amid a string of regrettable Jhelum River-related incidents. A tragic incident happened on May 16 in the north Kashmiri region of Bandipora when a man named Abdul Rahim Lone, 50, drowned. Locals said that Lone fell into the river while going to get some water to drink. He passed away from the accident despite efforts to save him, which was a tragic event for the neighborhood. The townspeople ask the youngster, who is obviously shaken but alive, about his whereabouts and general state of well-being. This tragedy has brought attention to the bravery and fast thinking of the community members, who saved the child’s life by acting like real-life superheroes.

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