Are you tired of constantly charging your Samsung Galaxy Watch? Worry not! We’ve curated five effective tips and tricks to help you maximize the battery life of your beloved smartwatch. From optimizing display settings to managing notifications, these strategies will ensure that your Galaxy Watch lasts longer on a single charge.

Optimize Always-On Display

Description: The always-on display feature is convenient for quick glances at your Galaxy Watch, but it significantly drains the battery. By disabling this feature, you can extend the battery life by several hours. Simply navigate to Settings, select Display, and toggle off the “Always on Display” option.

Manage App Notifications

Description: Excessive app notifications can contribute to battery drain on your Galaxy Watch. Take control by selectively enabling notifications only for essential apps. Access the Wearable app on your phone, navigate to Watch Settings, and customize app notifications according to your preferences.

Disable NFC

Description: If you seldom use NFC payments on your Galaxy Watch, consider disabling NFC functionality to conserve battery power. You can easily turn off NFC by accessing the Settings app on your watch, selecting Connections, and toggling off “NFC and contactless payments.”

Adjust Heart Rate Monitoring

Description: Continuous heart rate monitoring can be a significant drain on your Galaxy Watch’s battery. To optimize battery usage, adjust the monitoring frequency to record your heart rate at longer intervals or disable it entirely if not needed. Navigate to Samsung Health in the Wearable app to customize heart rate monitoring settings.

Deactivate Voice Wake-Up

Voice assistants like Bixby constantly running in the background can contribute to battery drain. If you don’t frequently use voice commands, disable the wake-up keyword detection feature. Access Bixby settings on your watch and turn off the “Voice wake-up” option.

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