Monday Decline in Box Office Numbers

Despite a promising start, “Srikanth,” the biographical drama featuring Rajkummar Rao in the lead role, witnessed a decline in box office numbers on its first Monday. Directed by Tushar Hiranandani, the film portrays the inspiring journey of visually impaired industrialist Srikanth Bolla, highlighting the numerous obstacles he overcame in his life.

Analyzing Monday’s Performance

On the fourth day of its release, “Srikanth” collected ₹1.75 crore, marking a downturn in its earnings, as reported by Sacnilk. The film’s total box office collection stands at ₹13.45 crore. Despite the dip, the movie’s performance in urban centers has been commendable, driving significant revenue, as noted by Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh.

Critical Acclaim and Technical Brilliance

Critics have praised “Srikanth” for its departure from conventional storytelling tropes. Saibal Chatterjee, in his review for NDTV, commended the director’s commitment to simplicity, emphasizing that technical elements such as cinematography and editing enhance the narrative without overshadowing its essence.

Strategic Release Approach

Unlike some films that relied on promotional offers to boost ticket sales, “Srikanth” chose a different strategy, refraining from such tactics during its opening weekend. Taran Adarsh highlighted the importance of maintaining momentum on Monday to gauge the film’s longevity.

Debut Collaboration and Audience Anticipation

“Srikanth” marks the first-ever on-screen collaboration between Alaya F and Rajkummar Rao, adding to the excitement surrounding the film. As audiences eagerly await further developments in its box office performance, the enduring impact of Srikant Bolla’s extraordinary story continues to resonate.


As “Srikanth” navigates its cinematic journey, its performance at the box office remains under scrutiny. With a compelling narrative and stellar performances, the film aims to leave a lasting impression on viewers, showcasing the resilience and triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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