Amidst the explosion of biographical films in Bollywood, ‘Srikanth’ appears as the most recent addition to the genre. The film, directed by Tushar Hiranandani, was released on May 10th, and it depicts the story of Srikanth Bolla, an entrepreneur who conquered the odds despite being visually challenged.

Rajkumar Rao Shines as Srikanth Bolla

The film’s heart is Rajkumar Rao’s outstanding performance as Srikanth Bolla. Rao’s portrayal of the struggles and accomplishments of a blind industrialist has received significant praise from critics and spectators alike. His subtle verbal delivery and flawless facial expressions bring the character to life, garnering him praise for his effort and attention to detail.

A Supporting Cast that Adds Depth

Rao’s outstanding performance is complemented by a great supporting cast that includes Jyotika as Srikanth’s teacher and Alaya F as his girlfriend. Sharad Kelkar and Jameel Khan give excellent performances in their respective parts, providing depth to the story and improving the viewing experience.

Audience Applause and Critical Acclaim

‘Srikanth’ has struck a chord with moviegoers, who have praised the film for its moving tale and superb performances. Netizens have turned to social media to show their appreciation for Rajkumar Rao’s portrayal of Srikanth Bolla, applauding his compassion and genuineness in bringing the character to life. Suriya Sivakumar, a Tamil superstar, came to social media to promote ‘Srikanth,’ calling it as a “beautiful rollercoaster ride” that elicits laughter, tears, and reflection. He praised Rajkumar Rao for his true portrayal and the directors for creating an important and impactful picture.

Netizens’ Reviews

Anmol Jamwal praised Rajkumar Rao’s acting as “exceptional,” emphasizing the film’s sincere theme of equality and empowerment. While appreciating Rao’s sensitivity, Jamwal also pointed out the film’s structural weaknesses, implying that it may have benefited from greater emotional resonance. Nishit Shaw provided a nuanced criticism of ‘Srikanth,’ complimenting its first impact while pointing out a little departure from its essence in the second half. Despite this, Shaw praised the film and expressed excitement for the second half.

‘Srikanth’ exemplifies the power of narrative and the tenacity of the human spirit. Through Rajkumar Rao’s excellent acting and a riveting narrative, the film shines light on Srikanth Bolla’s extraordinary journey, challenging spectators to consider the boundless possibilities of determination and courage.

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