Mumbai’s Ice Cream Craze

One Mumbai resident has decided to use a somewhat unusual method to beat the sweltering heat as the temperature increases across the country. This person went on an incredible ice cream ordering binge over the course of 45 days, placing an incredible 300 orders. Such a feat illustrates the extent individuals will go to in order to escape the oppressive heat and says volumes about the everlasting popularity of ice cream.

Swiggy’s Insights into Ice Cream Trends

One of India’s top food delivery services, Swiggy, has provided interesting insights into the consumption trends of ice cream during the summer heat wave. Their most recent data indicates that there has been a noticeable increase in ice cream demand, up 16% from the prior year. This increase is a reflection of everyone’s desire for cool, refreshing foods as they try to escape the sweltering heat.

Flavors and Preferences

Swiggy’s analysis delves into the world of flavors and identifies some intriguing patterns. Chocolate is still a perennial favorite, closely followed by mango, the fruit of summer, but there’s also a growing interest in unusual flavors like almond and delicate coconut. Hyderabad has a taste for nutty treats, while Mumbai, which is renowned for its love of fruit-based treats, leads the pack in fruit-based ice cream orders.

Not Just for Dessert Anymore

Ice creams, which were once thought to be a treat for after dinner, are now present all day long. A startling habit in Bengaluru, which is currently experiencing a heat wave, is people eating ice cream for breakfast. In spite of the rising heat, Bengaluru locals are welcoming frozen treats as a morning pick-me-up, with a whopping 80,000 ice cream orders placed between 7 and 11 am.

The Rise of Health-Conscious Choices

Health-conscious consumers are not left behind in the ice cream rush. According to Swiggy’s research, demand for guilt-free and vegan ice cream has significantly increased. A 70% rise from the year before indicates that people are putting their health first without sacrificing their enjoyment of cooling delicacies in the summer.

The Reign of Tubs: A Shift in Preference

A significant change has occurred: ice cream tubs are now more popular than individual scoops. This shift in preference indicates a desire for a larger portion size, enabling people to fully enjoy their favorite flavors. Whether it’s chocolate, mango, tender coconut, or sitaphal, ice cream enthusiasts are opting for larger portions to satisfy their cravings.

Popular Parlors and Regional Favorites

The analysis from Swiggy also provides insight into the widespread appeal of ice cream shops in major cities. Naturals Ice Cream is topping the charts and winning over people’s taste buds and hearts in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. The best ice cream in Hyderabad is Cream Stone, which is closely followed by NIC Ice Creams, which is well-known for being widely accessible in tier 2 and metro areas.

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