ThinKuvate, a Singapore-based angel investing network, has announced the launch of its first India-focused fund, ThinKuvate India Fund – I, in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. This fund, which has a huge corpus of Rs 100 crore, is intended to empower technology entrepreneurs across diverse sectors with an initial investment of up to Rs 3 crore. The establishment of this fund is a key milestone for ThinKuvate, which has a strong investment base of almost 200 people.

Supporting Emerging Ventures Across India

ThinKuvate’s India Fund – I is specifically geared to help early-stage firms that have shown revenue growth and market traction. The fund plans to invest in 12 to 15 promising businesses each year, with an initial concentration on locations such as Nagpur, Raipur, Bangalore, and Chennai. ThinKuvate works with developing startup hubs to uncover and foster creative enterprises in their early phases.

Insights from ThinKuvate’s Leadership

ThinKuvate’s Founding Partner, Ritesh Toshniwal, expressed his delight for the launch, citing the network’s successful track record in both the Indian and Southeast Asian markets. He underscored ThinKuvate’s unique position in supporting international investors’ growing interest in India, drawing on the company’s significant experience and understanding of regional dynamics.

Portfolio Performance and Market Dynamics

ThinKuvate’s decision to launch a specific fund for India was influenced by the performance of its existing portfolio businesses, as well as positive macroeconomic indicators and increased investor interest in the Indian startup ecosystem. ThinKuvate is well-positioned to capitalize on India’s massive market potential, having completed two successful exits and secured follow-on funding for a significant percentage of its portfolio.

Advanced Investment Initiatives

Addison Appu, Partner at ThinKuvate, emphasized the network’s proactive investment strategy, noting that they are already in advanced talks with multiple firms. ThinKuvate, which has been in the Indian market since 2016, intends to capitalise on the tremendous growth prospects given by India’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene.

Criteria for Investment

The ThinKuvate India Fund – I is particularly interested in entrepreneurs with a proven revenue model, early market traction, and a willingness to innovate. Additionally, the fund prefers firms with patented products and a founding team of two or more people. This strategic focus demonstrates ThinKuvate’s dedication to incubating disruptive concepts with the potential for significant expansion.

Global Reach and Investment Footprint

While ThinKuvate’s roots are in Singapore, the network has expanded its investment reach to include the UK, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, and the United States. ThinKuvate Ventures began by investing around $1.5 million in nine firms in Southeast Asia and India, and has subsequently facilitated investments totaling $5 million in 22 startups across the region. The network’s investment portfolio is diverse, covering health-tech, fintech, IoT, AI-ML, consumer-tech, and martech.

ThinKuvate’s creation of the India-focused fund demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in one of the world’s most vibrant startup ecosystems. ThinKuvate, with a large capital of Rs 100 crore and a strong emphasis on early-stage companies, is well-positioned to drive the growth of creative entrepreneurs across India. As the startup ecosystem evolves, ThinKuvate remains committed to identifying, investing in, and nurturing the next generation of revolutionary innovations and business models.

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