Vidya Balan reflects on the increasing polarisation

In a recent interview, Vidya Balan, the acclaimed Bollywood actor, delved into the growing polarisation within society, particularly concerning religious identity. She noted a significant shift, expressing her observation that India, as a nation, has become more polarised along religious lines in recent times. Balan emphasized that previously, the country did not exhibit such a strong religious identity. However, she highlighted the present scenario where individuals seem to be desperately seeking a sense of belonging and identity, often turning to religious affiliations and ideologies.

Impact of Social Media

Balan attributed this phenomenon not only to political factors but also to the influence of social media. She suggested that in today’s digitally-driven world, people are increasingly reliant on external factors to define their identity, leading to a heightened sense of polarisation. The actor articulated her concerns about the impact of social media, describing it as a platform where individuals, feeling isolated and disconnected, gravitate towards ideologies and concepts without fully understanding or internalising them. Balan concluded that polarisation is not confined to a single nation but is a global issue affecting societies worldwide.

Philanthropic Stance Vidya Balan perspective

In addition to discussing societal polarisation, Vidya Balan expressed her views on philanthropy, particularly regarding donations for religious structures. Despite her deep spirituality and daily rituals, Balan revealed that she refrains from contributing to the construction of religious buildings. Instead, she prioritises areas such as healthcare, sanitation, and education when it comes to charitable giving. Balan articulated her stance, stating that she would gladly support projects related to hospitals, schools, or sanitation facilities but chooses not to donate to religious institutions.

The actor’s decision reflects her belief in directing resources towards tangible and essential societal needs rather than religious symbolism. Balan’s philanthropic philosophy underscores her commitment to making a meaningful and practical impact on society, aligning with her values of social welfare and progress.

Cautious Approach to Political Commentary

Throughout the interview, Vidya Balan displayed a cautious approach towards discussing political matters, citing concerns over potential backlash and boycotts targeting actors who express political opinions. She acknowledged the prevalent culture of online criticism and the tendency for individuals to misinterpret or misconstrue statements made by public figures, particularly on social media platforms. Balan emphasized the need for nuanced conversations, lamenting the lack of space for thoughtful dialogue in the digital realm.

Navigating Public Perception

Given the potential repercussions on her career and the collaborative efforts involved in filmmaking, Balan expressed a preference for avoiding political discussions, especially during the release of her films. She highlighted the adverse effects of social media on discourse, noting how it amplifies divisiveness and encourages hasty judgments. Balan concluded by advocating for a more restrained approach, urging individuals to refrain from engaging in contentious debates and instead focus on their professional pursuits.

Overall, Vidya Balan’s insights shed light on the complexities of societal dynamics, philanthropic values, and the challenges of navigating political discourse in the modern age. Her perspectives serve as a reminder of the importance of fostering empathy, understanding, and constructive dialogue in addressing pressing issues facing contemporary society.

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