Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, has leveled serious allegations against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of orchestrating a political conspiracy to instigate communal clashes in Assam during the Ram Temple consecration ceremony. Sarma claims that Rahul’s Nyay Yatra, coinciding with the religious event, was a deliberate move to create tensions in the state.

Allegations of Conspiracy

Sarma categorically labels Rahul Gandhi as ‘darpok’ (coward) and asserts that the Congress leader’s presence in Assam during the significant Ram Temple ceremony was not coincidental but part of a calculated strategy. He alleges that Congress intended to disrupt communal harmony and incite clashes for political gain.

Nyay Yatra Timing and Political Motives

The Assam Chief Minister contends that the timing of Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay Yatra, overlapping with the Ram Temple ceremony, was a clear indication of the Congress party’s ulterior motives. Sarma suggests that the intention was to exploit the sensitive occasion and stoke religious sentiments for their political advantage.

Communal Tensions Unfold

According to Sarma, the situation escalated when clashes erupted between Congress workers and the police. He accuses Rahul Gandhi of hastily fleeing the scene in a car, leaving behind a chaotic and potentially explosive situation. Sarma implies that Congress’s actions were aimed at undermining the peace and harmony prevailing in the state.


  1. Political Ploy Unveiled: Sarma exposes what he perceives as a premeditated political ploy by Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.
  2. Ram Temple Ceremony as a Trigger: The Chief Minister emphasizes the deliberate choice of timing, coinciding with the sacred Ram Temple event.
  3. Accusation of Creating Chaos: Sarma accuses Congress of orchestrating clashes to disrupt the peace in Assam.
  4. Rahul Gandhi’s Hasty Exit: Allegations of the Congress leader hastily leaving the scene amid escalating tensions.


Himanta Biswa Sarma’s accusations against Rahul Gandhi add a new dimension to the political landscape in Assam. The alleged plot to exploit a religious ceremony for political gains and the subsequent clashes have heightened tensions between the ruling party and the opposition. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how these allegations will impact the political dynamics in the region.

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