Democratizes High-Quality Product Images

Bangalore-based Ayna has won $1.5 million in seed finance led by Inflexor Ventures, providing a huge boost to the generative AI business. This donation will support Ayna’s ambition to democratize high-quality product photography with powerful AI.

Empowering Businesses with AI-Powered Photoshoots

Leading brands such as Reliance Retail’s Clovia, Wakefit, and WomanLikeU are already using the company’s revolutionary technology to create studio-quality product photoshoots in an expedient manner, removing the need for traditional photo sessions. Ayna distinguishes itself with its own Compound Foundational Models (CFMs), which give firms precise control over all aspects of their product imagery.

Founders and Vision

Ayna, co-founded by Aastha Rajpal and Yash Bansal, enables brands such as Reliance Retail’s Clovia, Wakefit, WomanLikeU, and others to create studio-quality product photoshoots on a large scale, without the requirement for actual shoots. Unlike old approaches or simple AI solutions, Ayna’s innovative compound foundational models (CFMs) provide brands with granular control over every component of their product picture.

Cost Savings, Speed, and Creative Freedom

This results in cost savings, faster turnaround times, and greater creative freedom, allowing brands to optimize product graphics for optimum conversions. Ayna’s generative AI eliminates high overhead, long turnaround times, and creative limits.

The funding underlines the growing interest in generative AI, as the sector has raised about $100 million in the last six months. Sarvam AI, Ema, Neysa, Vodex, and KonProz are among the other prominent competitors in this market.

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