Clarification on Imaginary Date

The Delhi election office clarified that a letter referencing April 16 as a tentative date for Lok Sabha elections was an imaginary poll date. The Chief Electoral Officer stated it was purely for advance planning and activities related to the General Election.


A letter from the assistant chief electoral officer had circulated, instructing officials to adhere to the schedule based on the Election Commission of India’s Planner, listing April 16 as the poll date.

Purpose of Mentioned Date

The clarified statement emphasized that the date was for planning, preparation, and completion of activities related to the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2024.

Election Commission Planner

The Election Commission’s planner outlines 144 tasks from over six months before the poll day to four days after. Activities include a Knowledge, Attitude, Practice Survey initiated 300 days before the polling day and EVM checks 120 days before.

Imaginary Poll Date Reference

The Election Commission uses an imaginary poll date as a reference point to initiate and complete various election-related activities.


The clarification aims to dispel confusion regarding the mentioned date and highlights the necessity of planning for numerous activities leading up to the Lok Sabha Elections in 2024.

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