Consolidation in Broadcasting Industry

The potential merger of Disney Star and Viacom18 is anticipated to create the largest broadcaster in India, significantly impacting the media landscape. With a monopoly on sports content, especially cricket, the new entity would wield considerable influence in the market.

Implications for BCCI

Industry analysts suggest that while the consolidation may limit the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) options for selling cricket rights, it could also attract new players, particularly tech and OTT giants, seeking to capitalize on the less competitive environment.

Global Precedents and Revenue Perspective

Drawing parallels with global examples like ESPN in the US and Sky TV in the UK, experts anticipate slower growth in media rights value for BCCI. However, they foresee potential innovations and technological advancements benefiting viewers and advertisers in the long run.

Potential for Innovation

The merger is expected to combine Star’s broadcasting experience with Jio’s technological innovation, promising a positive outlook for viewers and the broadcast industry. Despite consolidation, experts believe that newer players could enter the market, driving innovation and competition.

Considerations for BCCI

While consolidation may offer stability, the lack of diversification options for cricket rights could pose challenges for BCCI. The 2022 IPL media rights auction showcased intense competition among broadcasters, tech, and OTT platforms, resulting in record-breaking revenue for BCCI.

Future Landscape and Possibilities

Experts suggest that the merger could prompt OTT giants to enter the sports content market. Although the deal may reduce competitive intensity initially, it could pave the way for increased interest from large OTT players in cricket and sports rights in the future.


The potential merger between Disney Star and Viacom18 signifies a significant development in the media and entertainment industry, particularly in sports broadcasting. While its impact on BCCI and the overall broadcasting landscape remains to be seen, it is expected to usher in a new era of innovation and competition.

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