An altercation between the district magistrate and MP Afzal Ansari ensued during the funeral of gangster-politician Mukhtar Ansari in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. The dispute reportedly centered around who could enter the burial ground to offer ceremonial soil on the grave.

Thousands Attend Last Rites

Thousands of people from Ghazipur district and nearby areas gathered to pay their respects at the last rites of Mukhtar Ansari, who passed away due to a cardiac arrest in Banda on Thursday. The massive turnout reflected the significance of Ansari’s presence in the region.

Dispute Over Soil Offering

Tensions flared when the district administration allegedly restricted certain individuals from entering the cemetery to participate in the burial ritual of scattering ceremonial soil on the grave. A purported video circulating on social media captured the heated exchange between Afzal Ansari and Ghazipur DM Aryaka Akhoury regarding this issue.

Argument Unfolds

In the video, Afzal Ansari vehemently opposes the restriction, asserting that everyone should be allowed to offer soil. However, the DM argues that only family members should participate in this ritual, citing the need to maintain order and adhere to the restrictions imposed in the district.

Legal Implications

The argument took a legal turn when the DM mentioned the imposition of prohibitory orders and threatened legal action against those violating them. Afzal Ansari countered by stating that participation in a burial ceremony cannot be restricted, even under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC).

Security Measures

Amidst the escalating tensions, the local administration implemented stringent security measures outside Ansari’s residence and the burial ground. Police faced challenges in managing the crowd, especially those attempting to enter the restricted area forcefully.

Appeal for Peace

Despite the confrontation, Afzal Ansari appealed to the crowd to maintain peace during the funeral procession. Additional security personnel, including the Varanasi Zone Additional Director General of Police (ADG) Piyush Mordia, were deployed to supervise the situation and ensure order.

Cooperation with Authorities

The Ansari family reportedly cooperated with the police, providing a list of individuals permitted to stay at the cemetery during the burial. The authorities made announcements to prevent overcrowding and maintain order throughout the proceedings.

Peace Amidst Tensions

Despite the heated exchange and challenges in crowd management, the funeral proceedings ultimately concluded peacefully. The cooperation between the Ansari family and the authorities, coupled with the deployment of adequate security measures, contributed to maintaining order during this sensitive time.

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