A video circulating online purporting to show Congress workers in Karnataka burning an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been incorrectly linked to the current Lok Sabha elections. However, fact-checking platform BOOM has discredited these allegations, revealing that the footage is from 2012 and shows members of the Kerala Students Union (KSU) burning an effigy of Mahatma Gandhi University’s then-Vice-Chancellor.

Misleading Viral Video

The deceptive video, which has gained traction on social media, purports to show Congress workers in Karnataka setting their lungis on fire while burning an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The video’s reach and impact have grown as a result of its bogus relation to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

BOOM’s Fact Check

Following an inquiry, BOOM discovered that the claims linking the film to Karnataka Congress workers are false. Instead, the film depicts an incident from 2012 in which members of the Kerala Students Union burned an effigy of a university official.The misattribution of the popular video demonstrates the proliferation of misinformation in today’s digital age. False narratives and misleading material have the capacity to sway public opinion and change views, particularly during political events such as elections.

Importance of Fact-Checking

These examples show the vital need of fact-checking and validating information before sharing it online. Fact-checking platforms serve an important role in debunking erroneous claims and reducing the spread of disinformation, fostering educated and responsible conversation. Social media platforms facilitate the quick circulation of information, making them vulnerable to the development of false narratives. It is critical for people to practice caution and skepticism when encountering content online, particularly during sensitive times like elections.

Lessons Learned

The misidentification of the viral video highlights the importance of caution and critical thinking when traversing the internet realm. Individuals can help counteract the spread of misinformation by remaining diligent and discerning consumers of information. The misattributed viral video tying Karnataka Congress workers to the burning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effigy emphasizes the significance of fact-checking and careful information consumption. As misinformation continues to spread online, people must exercise caution and check the legitimacy of content before spreading it further.

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