A pre-Series A funding round led by Flam, a mixed reality (MR) firm, raised $4.5 million, opening up new avenues for businesses to interact with consumers through MR experiences. This funding infusion will support Flam’s goals for international growth and further democratize the development of MR content, opening it up to a wider range of companies.

Funding Round Bolsters Global Expansion and Accessibility

The investment round, which was spearheaded by institutional investors like Alphatron Capital, Twin Ventures, and Turbostart, shows how much people are beginning to trust Flam’s creative use of MR technology. In a sign of their ongoing support for Flam’s goals, previous investors Inventus Capital Partners, SVQ, and 9Unicorns also took part in the round. Flam intends to use the additional funding to expand internationally. Key target markets for Flam include North America, Europe, and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) area, demonstrating the company’s goal to dominate the worldwide MR scene.

Flam: Democratizing MR Content Creation for Brands

Founded in 2021 by a trio of visionary entrepreneurs – Shourya Agarwal, Rajat Gupta, and Malhar Patil – Flam empowers brands to create and publish interactive MR content. This content can be seamlessly accessed by users through their mobile cameras, eliminating the need for specialized hardware. Flam’s core strength lies in its proprietary technology, designed for scalability and accessibility. The company boasts the ability to cater to billions of users, making MR a truly mainstream marketing tool for brands.

Flam’s Vision: Making MR a Marketing Mainstay

Shourya Agarwal, Flam’s co-founder and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the funding and its implications for the future of MR: “Our platform is dedicated to making MR accessible to the masses. Following the viral success of Britannia’s MR ad featuring Ranveer Singh, we’ve attracted interest from hundreds of global brands across various industries. Just like video ads, MR will become permanent in the brand’s marketing strategies worldwide. Flam’s vision aligns perfectly with the growing interest in immersive technologies like MR for brand marketing. Consumers are increasingly seeking engaging and interactive experiences, and MR offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Alphatron Capital Backs Flam’s Disruptive Potential

Suresh Vaswani, founding partner at Alphatron Capital, one of the lead investors in the funding round, shared his perspective on Flam’s disruptive potential: “We’ve been observing huge interest from brands and delight among consumers for MR, which makes us extremely optimistic about the future of this space. After interacting with Flam, we instantly knew we had found a missing ingredient in MR’s adoption. Beyond their sophisticated technology, the way they have solved the creation and distribution of MR is truly commendable.”

Flam’s approach addresses a critical challenge in the MR space – the ease of content creation and deployment. By providing user-friendly tools and a scalable platform, Flam empowers brands of all sizes to leverage the power of MR without requiring extensive technical expertise. Transcript

Flam’s Competitive Landscape and Market Growth

Flam has already established alliances with well-known companies including Wargaming, AJIO, Britannia, Netflix, and WPP. This outstanding clientele demonstrates the business’s versatility in serving a range of sectors and providing memorable MR experiences. Flam distinguishes apart in the crowded MR market thanks to its emphasis on usability and accessibility. Although other firms such as PlayShifu, AjnaLens, and Scapic also provide MR solutions, Flam stands out due to its focus on creating content that is centered around brands. The fundraising round takes place at a time when the Indian market for extended reality (XR), which includes MR, VR, and AR, is experiencing rapid expansion. Companies are realizing more and more how XR technology can improve consumer interaction and brand experiences. As seen by the $2 million early funding that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality startup AutoVRse just secured, this trend is piqueing investor interest in the XR space.

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