Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Criticizes Circumstances of Arrest

Hemant Soren, former Chief Minister of Jharkhand and JMM leader, addressed the Assembly amidst his custody by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday. He accused the Raj Bhavan of involvement in his arrest, alleging a conspiracy orchestrated by the Centre.

Accusations and Allegations

Soren denounced his arrest on January 31, labeling it as a blemish on Indian democracy. He attributed his arrest to a planned conspiracy orchestrated by the central government, highlighting the motive to prevent a tribal Chief Minister from completing a full term.

Condemnation of Centre’s Actions

Expressing disdain for the BJP-led Centre, Soren accused them of harboring animosity towards Adivasis and Dalits. He criticized the portrayal of tribal communities as inferior, stating, “The system created by them doesn’t even hesitate in saying that they (adivasis) come from the jungle and should stay there.”

Comparison to Ambedkar’s Ideals

Drawing parallels to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Soren suggested that Adivasis and Dalits may have to consider embracing Buddhism, akin to Ambedkar’s choice, to escape persecution.

Defiance and Confidence

Despite his arrest, Soren asserted his determination and refusal to accept defeat. He challenged authorities to provide evidence of corruption allegations against him, vowing to quit politics and leave Jharkhand if proven guilty.

Outcome of Trust Vote

While Soren remains in custody, his colleague and current Chief Minister, Champai Soren, secured a majority vote in the Jharkhand Assembly. The coalition government, comprising JMM, Congress, and RJD, defeated the opposition, affirming their authority amidst political turmoil.

In a state deeply rooted in tribal history and struggles, Hemant Soren’s arrest and subsequent political maneuvering underscore the ongoing tensions between regional leadership and central authority.

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