Delhi on Edge: Kejriwal Warns of Protest, Seeks LG Intervention

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has raised the stakes in the ongoing tussle with the Centre, threatening a “massive protest” if his government’s ‘one-time settlement’ scheme for inflated water bills isn’t implemented. Accusing BJP-appointed officers of refusing to work due to political pressure, Kejriwal warned of a “serious constitutional crisis.” He urged Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena to intervene or take action against non-compliant officers.

Kejriwal emphasized his determination to implement the scheme despite BJP’s alleged obstructionism, highlighting its benefits for Delhi residents grappling with inflated bills. He criticized the BJP for hindering various government initiatives and accused them of prioritizing harming Delhi over serving its citizens. Seeking opposition support, Kejriwal stressed the importance of resolving the issue collaboratively for the city’s welfare. However, opposition leader Ramvir Singh Bidhuri questioned the scheme’s commitment and transparency, raising doubts about the origin of the inflated bills.

Owaisi Challenges Secular Parties on Babri Masjid, Raises Communal Harmony Concerns

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has ignited a political firestorm by challenging Congress and NCP to explicitly mention the Babri Masjid while seeking Muslim votes. Emphasizing the enduring significance of the demolished mosque, Owaisi urged Muslims to remember this event with the same solemnity as Jews remember the Holocaust. He questioned the commitment of mainstream parties to secularism and communal harmony, urging voters to demand acknowledgment of Babri Masjid from these parties.

Owaisi further criticized Congress leader Ashok Chavan’s recent defection to the BJP, highlighting the RSS’s portrayal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as “anti-Islam.” He also mocked Ajit Pawar’s political maneuvers in Maharashtra. Owaisi’s remarks are likely to stoke the ongoing debate on secularism and religious identity in Indian politics, particularly in the context of upcoming elections.

Beyond the Headlines: Key News Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Farmer leader’s warning ahead of Feb 21 protest: Farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni has issued a stern warning to the government, stating that farmers are prepared for any outcome during their upcoming protest on February 21st.
  • Kharge predicts BJP’s Lok Sabha seats: Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge has made a bold prediction, claiming that the BJP will win only 100-120 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
  • Bhupesh Baghel alleges BJP’s attempt to poach MLA: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has accused the BJP of attempting to poach one of his MLAs by offering a ministerial berth.

Global Glimpse: International News in Brief

  • Brazil-Israel row escalates: Tensions rise between Brazil and Israel after President Lula’s remarks on Palestine, prompting a strong reaction from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
  • Putin gifts car to Kim Jong Un: Reports suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin has gifted a Russian-made car to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, raising questions about their evolving relationship.
  • Pakistan President regrets expulsions: Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has expressed regret over the expulsion of “competent people” from politics, potentially signaling a shift in the country’s political landscape.

Sports Buzz: Jasprit Bumrah Likely to be Rested, KL Rahul Set to Return

Jasprit Bumrah’s stellar performance in the ongoing Test series against England might not be enough to secure his place in the fourth match. Team India is considering resting him due to workload management, potentially paving the way for Mukesh Kumar or Akash Deep to make their Test debuts. Additionally, KL Rahul is expected to return, replacing Rajat Patidar, who has struggled with the bat in his first two Tests.

Entertainment Spotlight: Vikrant Massey Calls Out Social Media Obsession on Sets

Actor Vikrant Massey has sparked a debate within the film industry by criticizing actors who prioritize social media reels over their work on set. While refraining from naming names, Massey praised Farhan Akhtar’s professionalism and dedication, contrasting it with the behavior he disapproves of. Massey’s comments highlight the ongoing tension between artistic commitment and the pressures of social media in the entertainment industry.

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