Amidst the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) questioning of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren in connection with an alleged money laundering case, sources within the ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Party suggest that Mr Soren’s wife, Kalpana Soren, might step into his role if he faces arrest. The potential move aims to ensure the stability of the government, as expressed by MLAs of the ruling alliance.

ED Interrogation and Potential Arrest

Hemant Soren is set to be interrogated by the ED, and there are speculations about a possible arrest following the recording of his statement. In anticipation of such an outcome, sources reveal that Mr Soren informed MLAs about his wife’s potential succession during a meeting of the ruling alliance.

Alliance’s Support

State Health Minister Banna Gupta, representing the Congress party in the alliance, expressed full support for the Chief Minister, emphasizing the alliance’s unity during this critical period.

Legal Hurdles and Potential Solutions

Constitutional provisions present a potential legal hurdle for Kalpana Soren’s succession, primarily related to the timing of the Assembly elections. If the Assembly’s term is set to expire in less than a year, by-polls cannot be conducted. Given that Jharkhand’s Assembly election is scheduled for November this year, legal opinions might be sought, or alternative leadership could be considered.

The ₹600-Crore Land Scam

The ongoing investigation involves a ₹600-crore land scam, revealing a substantial racket orchestrating the change of ownership of government land, subsequently sold to builders. Notably, the ED has already arrested 14 individuals in connection with the case, including IAS officer Chhavi Ranjan.

Contingency Plans and Legal Opinions

In the event of legal obstacles to Kalpana Soren’s potential succession, sources indicate that alternative plans may be explored, including seeking legal opinions or considering another leader for the top post.


The political landscape in Jharkhand faces uncertainty as Hemant Soren undergoes ED interrogation, with potential ramifications for the leadership of the state. The ruling alliance’s unanimous support and contingency plans underscore the complex dynamics at play in the face of legal challenges and the evolving political scenario.

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