Leading proptech startup Landeed, with headquarters in Hyderabad, has raised an undisclosed sum of strategic capital in a round headed by Paradigm Shift VC. This most recent investment comes after a fruitful $8.3 million seed round in January 2023, which was funded by well-known investors like Bayhouse Capital, Draper Associates, and Y Combinator.

Boosting Product Line and Workforce for Broader Market Reach

Landeed intends to employ more people and dramatically improve its product offerings with the help of the additional funding. With this calculated action, the company hopes to accelerate its growth trajectory in the proptech markets in India and abroad.

Co-founder and CEO of Landeed Sanjay Mandava stated, With this additional funding, we have the firepower to expand our consumer-facing offerings and scale our engineering team.

Streamlining Real Estate Transactions with Mobile Technology

With its intuitive mobile app, Landeed—founded in 2022 by Sanjay Mandava, ZJ Lin, and Jonathan Richards—empowers real estate brokers, developers, agents, and attorneys. The platform streamlines real estate transactions by making it easier to find property titles and obtain necessary land documents.

The AI Property Analyser, a ground-breaking tool from Landeed that offers a thorough ownership history of properties, was just released. This creative tool tracks ownership, including any transactions or encumbrances that may have happened, from the first owner to the most current.

Significant Market Traction and Continued Growth

Landeed has experienced remarkable growth, boasting a staggering 22x increase in key financial metrics. The company reports that over 100,000 property owners and agents have already utilized the platform for buying, selling, and building real estate.

While we weren’t actively seeking new funding, the overwhelming response from investors in the previous round and the availability of significant remaining capital from that round influenced our decision to move forward with Paradigm Shift VC, explained Sanjay Mandava. “We value the strong relationship we have built with them.

Investing in the Future of Proptech

This strategic fundraising round demonstrates Landeed’s dedication to proptech innovation and expansion. With the help of its state-of-the-art technology and growing portfolio of services, Landeed is ideally positioned to transform the Indian and global real estate markets.

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