The Maharashtra State Innovation Society, under the Department of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the State Government, is organizing the Maharashtra Startup Week to promote innovative startups in the region. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between startups and the government, fostering collaboration and bringing fresh ideas to the public sector.

Minister Lodha’s Call to Action

Minister Mangal Prabhat Lodha, while visiting Pune for Skill Development Day, invited established startups to participate in the event by registering on the official website (link: He emphasized that Maharashtra Startup Week is a crucial government initiative offering startups the opportunity to collaborate and introduce innovative solutions to various departments.

The Focus: Integrating Innovation into Governance

The primary objective of the event is to integrate innovative products and services developed by startups into government systems. Twenty-four winning startups will receive grants worth up to Rs. 15 lakh to pilot their solutions with various government departments.

Calling All Innovators

Startups working in agriculture, education & healthcare, administration technology, health, mobility, artificial intelligence, smart infrastructure, and sustainable sectors (clean energy, waste management, water management) are encouraged to apply.

Previous Success Stories

The Maharashtra Startup Week has been a successful event for the past few years, promoting the state’s startup ecosystem. Over 120 winning startups now collaborate with various government organizations and departments, including the National Health Mission, Railways & Rehabilitation Department, Rural Development Department, municipal corporations, and district administrations.

Beyond Maharashtra: All-India Collaboration

In addition to the main event, an all-India level conclave will be held simultaneously to foster collaboration between Maharashtra’s startup ecosystem and investor communities across the country. This allows startups to access investment opportunities and encourages sharing of knowledge and resources between startups, investors, and industry experts.

Supporting Innovation Beyond Events

To achieve the objectives of the Maharashtra State Innovation Startup Policy, the Maharashtra State Innovation Society implements various initiatives and programs related to startup and innovation support. These include:

  • Incubators: Providing infrastructure and mentorship to early-stage startups.
  • Grand Challenges: Defining specific problems and offering grants to startups that develop effective solutions.
  • Hackathons: Intensive events aimed at generating innovative solutions to specific challenges.
  • Quality Assurance Frameworks: Ensuring the quality and viability of startup solutions.
  • Seed Funding Schemes: Providing financial assistance to promising startups.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Funding Scheme: Supporting startups with intellectual property protection costs.

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