Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra, recently expelled from Lok Sabha for unethical conduct, has complied with an eviction notice and vacated her government bungalow. The expulsion, coupled with the eviction order, stirred controversy, and Ms. Moitra faced legal setbacks in her attempt to retain the residence. Here are the details of the development

Eviction Notice Amid Controversial Expulsion

Mahua Moitra, facing expulsion from Lok Sabha on charges of “unethical conduct,” received an eviction notice earlier this week, mandating her immediate departure from the government bungalow.

Vacation of Bungalow and Legal Handover

Ms. Moitra’s legal representatives informed the media that House number 9B Telegraph Lane was fully vacated by 10 am on January 19, 2023. The possession was formally handed over to the Directorate of Estates. The lawyers emphasized that the premises were vacated before authorities arrived, and no eviction took place at the time.

Centre’s Strongly-Worded Eviction Notice

The eviction notice, issued by the Directorate of Estates, carried a stern tone, directing Mahua Moitra to vacate the bungalow promptly. It warned of potential eviction by force if she failed to comply voluntarily.

Legal Proceedings and Lack of Relief

Despite her expulsion and the eviction notice, Mahua Moitra sought legal intervention. However, the Delhi High Court, on Thursday, denied any relief and refused to stay the eviction order. The court upheld the directive for Ms. Moitra to vacate the government residence.

Government’s Assertion and Opportunity Given

The government, in its notice, asserted that Mahua Moitra had been given sufficient opportunity to address the matter. However, her failure to prove that she was not an unauthorized occupant led to the eviction order.

Conclusion: Moitra’s Compliance Amid Legal Challenges

The compliance of Mahua Moitra with the eviction order marks a significant development in the aftermath of her expulsion from Lok Sabha. The legal proceedings and the Delhi High Court’s decision reinforced the directive for her to vacate the government bungalow, concluding a chapter in the ongoing controversy.

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