In a recent interview with news agency ANI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the aim behind the introduction of electoral bonds as a measure to curb the influence of black money in elections. He asserted that the initiative was geared towards fostering transparency in political funding. Modi highlighted the challenges of ensuring free and fair elections devoid of the shadow of illicit funds, expressing a commitment to finding solutions. Despite his intentions, Modi lamented the spread of misinformation by the Opposition regarding the electoral bonds scheme.

Modi’s Vision for India

During the 78-minute interview, Modi delineated his vision for a developed India, with a particular focus on empowering the youth and middle-class taxpayers. He underscored the significant increase in the number of individuals filing income tax returns over the past decade, attributing it to a growing trust in the government’s utilization of funds for developmental purposes. Modi extended his gratitude to taxpayers, emphasizing their pivotal role in the nation’s progress.

Continued Fight Against Corruption

Addressing allegations of undue influence on federal agencies, Modi reiterated his government’s commitment to combat corruption. He refuted claims that investigative agencies were acting at the behest of the ruling government to create an unfair electoral landscape. Modi emphasized the need for a level playing field in the upcoming general elections, dismissing accusations of politicization from the Opposition.

Modi’s Long-Term Vision

Looking ahead to India’s centenary of Independence in 2047, Modi revealed his extensive planning process involving feedback from millions of citizens, universities, and non-governmental organizations. He emphasized the inclusive nature of his decision-making, aimed at holistic national development. Modi reaffirmed his dedication to executing transformative initiatives for the welfare of the nation, citing past accomplishments within the first 100 days of his previous term.

Celebrating Diversity and Regional Aspirations

In response to criticism from the Opposition, Modi defended his party’s commitment to celebrating India’s diversity and respecting regional aspirations. He accused political rivals of attempting to undermine the country’s pluralistic ethos for narrow political gains. Modi reiterated his government’s resolve to uphold the principles of inclusivity and embrace the diverse cultural fabric of India.

Foreign Policy and Economic Development

Reflecting on India’s foreign policy achievements, Modi highlighted successful evacuation missions from conflict regions and efforts to attract foreign investment. He cited examples such as the rescue operations in Yemen and Ukraine, demonstrating India’s commitment to global cooperation and humanitarian aid. Modi also emphasized the government’s efforts to promote economic growth through initiatives to attract investment from multinational corporations.

Support for Simultaneous Elections

Modi reiterated his support for simultaneous national and state elections, citing the potential benefits for governance efficiency and political stability. He emphasized the widespread support for the idea across various political parties and highlighted the ongoing deliberations to refine the implementation framework.

Opposition Criticism and Government Response

In response to criticism from the Congress party, Modi defended his government’s actions regarding electoral financing and transparency. He rejected accusations of impropriety, asserting that the electoral bonds scheme was introduced with the intention of enhancing accountability and reducing the influence of illicit funds in politics. Modi reaffirmed his commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring transparency in political processes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview with ANI provided insights into his government’s policies and vision for India’s future. Despite facing criticism from the Opposition, Modi remained steadfast in his commitment to combat corruption, promote economic development, and uphold democratic values. As the nation gears up for the upcoming elections, Modi’s statements underscored the importance of transparency, inclusivity, and good governance in shaping India’s trajectory.

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