District Magistrate Vandana Singh addressed the press on February 9 regarding the violence in Haldwani following an anti-encroachment drive. She emphasized that the decision to continue the demolition drive was made because there was no stay on the assets involved.

Legal Process and Peaceful Initiatives

Singh stated that the anti-encroachment drive was part of a legal process being carried out in various areas, including Haldwani. Despite efforts to maintain peace and execute the process without provoking or harming anyone, a large mob attacked the municipal cooperation team within a short span of time.

Encroachment Removal and High Court Order

Highlighting the legal aspect, Singh mentioned that the action against encroachment was in compliance with the High Court’s order. Notices and opportunities for hearings were provided to all concerned parties. While some approached the High Court and were given time, others were not granted the same, leading to the demolition drive.

Violent Escalation and Casualties

Singh recounted the violent escalation, stating that despite the peaceful initiation of the demolition drive, mobs attacked with stones and petrol bombs. The situation worsened as police stations were surrounded, leading to casualties and extensive damage to property.

Unfortunate Incident and Strict Action

Calling the incident unfortunate, Singh assured that the accused individuals would be identified, and stringent actions would be taken. She urged against communalizing the event, emphasizing that it was an attempt to challenge state machinery and law enforcement, rather than a communal conflict.


The press conference shed light on the events leading to the violence in Haldwani and reiterated the administration’s commitment to maintaining law and order while upholding legal directives. It underscored the need for a thorough investigation and the implementation of necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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